It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unless you have to pick out presents for ten people and you’re drawing nothing but blanks. Don’t fret. You’re nothing alone. People all over the country are stressing about what Christmas presents they need to buy everyone. That’s why we’ve put together our 2017 Tech Christmas Gift Guide.

Here’s a taster of the full guide which we can email to you, destressing your hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts.

Firemole: Perfect Tech Gift for Dad

firemole tops our Christmas Gift Guide

We absolutely love Firemole, a Cork-based startup which created a small gadget that will no doubt save lives. You stick the Firemole to the charger of your laptop, MacBook or smartphone charger and it will warn you if it’s about to overheat. The idea here is that Firemole will alert you to the danger being caused by chargers in the home.

We all know Dad’s police certain areas of the home with great care. While the immersion takes the top spot, fire safety is a close second. Making sure things are plugged out and that smoke alarms are working will soon be joined by Firemoles being all over the house, making them the perfect Christmas gift for your Dad.

You can pick up one Firemole for €12.99 or nab three for €36.99.

SensatioNail Home Nail Kit

sensationail in goos3d's christmas gift guide

We love nothing more than seeing expensive things like nail care come into the home thanks to some technological advancement. SensatioNail is a gel nail treatment carried out at home with special nail varnish. The varnish is activated and hardened by an automatically timed UV lamp. The resulting finish lasts for up to two weeks; much longer than traditional nail varnish.

You can pick up the full SensatioNail starter kit in Boots for €70.

Lock Pick Set

Ok, I admit this is not exactly techie and probably a bit of a stretch to be considered a gadget. It’s also quite likely the most unlikely entry you’d ever expect to find in a Christmas gift guide. Still, who hasn’t wanted to learn how to pick locks? I got one of these a few years back and the feeling when you pick the lock for the first time is simply amazing. The funny thing is that it’s surprisingly easy.

Best of all, you can pick up this lockpick starter set for under €20, making it the perfect office KK gift or something unusual to pop into a sock for Christmas morning.

The 2017 Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve carefully trawled through the high street and the internet superhighway looking for the vet best Christmas gift ideas. We promise this guide will have at least one idea that will cross a name of your Christmas shopping to-do list. Pop in your details below and get the full guide.

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