EKSA E900 Pro: A Cheap But Excellent Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset

When you run a tech review website, you get a lot of cold emails. The vast majority of them are junk, generic emails that get no further thought beyond me wondering why they didn’t end up in spam. A few months back, an email landed in that I nearly didn’t pay any attention. It was offering me a free EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset to test out. After a quick scan online my expectations were pretty low. It just looked like another Amazon Store trying to shift as much product as possible. Man, did I get this one wrong? Here’s my review of an excellent gaming headset where you don’t have to spend massive money to get.

an excellent gaming headset where you don’t have to spend massive money


To be totally honest, from the initial offer to the unboxing of the EKSA E900 Pro headset, my expectations were low. But as I actually got my hands on the headset my opinion changed. In terms of design, the EKSA E900 Pro doesn’t take any chances but they also haven’t cut any corners. This headset comes at sub-€50 on Amazon.co.uk but my first opinion was that cup look and overall feel was more akin to the likes of the Sennheiser Momentum 3. These are considerably more expensive.

The cups are a nicely padded, and I’m assuming faux, leather. With the headband being very generously padded too, one of the most important boxes is ticked straight away. These are very comfy.

The sub-€50 price tag not only had me looking at the comfort but general build quality. The headset is adjustable with the cups being held in position with a metal frame which slides into the headband. It all feels durable which I think is aided by the metal mesh on the outside of the headphones which distracts from some of the more plastic areas. The most I looked at the EKSA E900 Pro the most I could see they weren’t really offering the quality of a €350 pair of headphones. At the same time, they were offering much more than what you’d expect to get from gaming headset under €50.

I find myself talking about thoughtful design more and more recently. I’m constantly looking for the little inclusions that don’t need to be there, but make a difference to the user. On the 3.5mm connection there’s a small notch here that means you can twist and lock the cable into your headset. Great if you have a tendency to fling your headset off in anger or have a cat that tries to pull your chord.

Naturally, I care about audio quality too and the surprising quality of this headset doesn’t stop yet.

More than what you’d expect to get from gaming headset under €50


As look would have it, this headset landed in before the isolation hit. As a result, I didn’t just use them for gaming. I actually used them for some calls and found them brilliant. The detachable boom mic meant others could hear me really clearly. I even got to test that with a classic call from the bedroom to my better half in the sitting room.

Back on the beaten track, I gave these a lash while learning my way around Rocket League with my friend in New Zealand. I’m sure die-hard gamers who need to pinpoint threats on a broad soundstage could pick the EKSA E900 Pro apart till the cows come home. But I’m not that gamer. I want comfort and decent quality. This headset absolutely delivers here again. What I really enjoyed was the cushioning actually providing a bit of extra noise-cancelling versus the official Xbox headset I typically game with. Taking F1 2020 for a spin while combining this headset with the dedicated Thrustmaster F1 Wheel, I was left totally immersed.

I hear you out there. Spitting in my direction because I’m a console gamer. To be fair, this headset does offer a superior experience to PC gamers. The reason being if you connect the EKSA E900 Pro to your PC via USB-C you’ll unleash a virtual 7.1 surround sound system on your ear-holes.

The Extra Bits

The headset goes a little bit further than it has too as well. Personally, I don’t get the gaming obsession with LEDs and lights, but then again I do have a LIFX system beside my bed. Anyway, the EKSA E900 Pro does have an illuminated red logo on the side when you’re connected via USB. You can also control the volume with a scroll wheel or mute button. The scroll wheel is a nice way to quickly control volume too instead of playing around with pressing a single up or down button over and over again.

The two meter cable is nice and long and also includes a connection I’ve not seen in years. It’s a splitter so you can use this headset with older PCs. I know you’re out there, hardcore retro gamers.

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset: The Verdict

Sometimes you get so caught up in this world of gadgets that you let the price tag lead your opinion. The EKSA E900 Pro does so much right and is so hard to find anything wrong with that I’m left flabbergasted by their price tag. This gaming headset offers enough quality for older gamers looking for a decent headset but is still cool enough to keep teenage gamers happy. I don’t want to say they’re flawless, but they’re not far off.

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e900-great-value-gaming-headsetEverything about this gaming headset has to be through the lens of its price. Design, including build quality, at a glance, is impeccable but in parts a bit plastic. Functionality wise, it's very hard to fault them either. Cool is subjective and I'd class this as "middle of the road" playing it safe but appealing to most. And at sub-€50, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.