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I recently downloaded the FitMenCook healthy recipes app and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although I am not that much of a cook, I have to say this app has some serious upsides. It even managed to get even me preparing some pretty decent grub. If I do say so myself.

What exactly is FitMenCook?

FitMenCook is a recently released collaboration between FitMenCook and Nibble Apps. It has finally made the jump to the Google Play Store so all of us Android users can experience the benefits of healthy eating too. Social influencer Kevin Curry aims to help us make “struggle free, healthy and practical recipes that are easy on the wallet”. Essentially, the aim is to help people to eat more healthy foods without them tasting like cardboard. In addition, with 294 recipes currently available, Curry aims to have something for everyone.

Struggle free, healthy and practical recipes that are easy on the wallet

The motivation behind this app is a story in itself. Curry who had long struggled with his weight had seen a photo of himself posted on Facebook and decided to make a change. After paying what he called an exorbitant amount of money for a four-week online diet plan. He went to the gym and all in all pursued a healthier lifestyle. The problem was that after a while he began to get tired of bland chicken and rice. He felt the temptation of the foods that had gotten him overweight in the first place.

That’s when he decided to study up on nutrition and do something for himself. He started to create healthy recipes on his Tumblr blog and from there it grew into a thriving online community dedicated to changing the way people look at healthy eating.

The app itself is an extension of all of this. Allowing users to eat the food they like, all the while experiencing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

What’s brilliant?

  • Content wise you’ll be spoiled for choice. With so many recipes there are options for everyone. The pictures of food alone are enough to make your hungry.
  • The video instructions are easy to follow, making the app accessible to any level of cooking skill.
  • The connectivity with other apps like Google Fit makes tracking your progress that much easier.
  • The app organises your shopping list by aisle.
  • It allows you to measure out recipes depending on how many meals you want to cook.
  • You can search for recipes based on what food you already have in your fridge.

What could be better?

  • Connectivity with widely used apps and wearables like Fitbit would be great. Where currently you have to log the information yourself.
  • The in-app purchase to eliminate adds is vital as the free version can become quite tedious without it.


In conclusion, this is definitely worth a download. The FitMenCook app really delivers on everything it says. Curry and his team have put together an app that is really useful and helps to take the tediousness out of living a healthy lifestyle.

So with the nutrition side of things locked down, you’ll just need to get moving with these apps.

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