What Is Spotify Greenroom: Getting Started

Spotify greenroom launches

There’s an odd thing happening on the online world. While technology continues to develop amazing 8K screens and the likes, people are shifting towards audio-only experiences. Podcasts have exploded in recent years and during the pandemic live-audio stages like Clubhouse and more recently Twitter Spaces facilitated a load of people coming together for a chat. Today, Spotify Greenroom launched which is the latest innovation and first attempt at a social media platform. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Spotify Greenroom?

If you’re not familiar with Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenroom might seem like a mad idea. Basically, it’s a new app available on iOS and Android where you can join groups and enjoy audio-only conversations about related topics. Beyond listening, you can also raise your hand and take part in the chat. If you want, you can even host your own chats and grow your own following.

How To Get Started With Spotify Greenroom

Getting up and running is pretty easy. Download the Spotify Greenroom app from the App Store or Google Playstore. You can log in nice and handy with your Spotify account. The good news is that you can still join the app if you’re not a Spotify customer.

Once you log in, you’ll be given a list of topics that might be of interest. It’s early days, but this seems to be incredibly important in terms of discovering rooms you’ll enjoy listening to and maybe joining some conversations.

After this, you can search for Greenrooms that interest you. Right now, it’s very sports heavy. This is because the app started as Locker Room. Given time, this should even out with broader tastes.

Why Get Excited About Greenroom?

If you’re a fan of The Blindboy Podcast, you’ll know that his live podcasts are some of the best content he churns out. While Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are great, they are very much focused on the moment. You have a live discussion and move on. Spotify Greenroom not only lets you do this, but also lets you record and then publish your conversation.

I can see this being a great feature for Goosed.ie hosting some tech talks so watch this space! Sorry, not space. Something less Twitter.

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