TikTok Trends Explained: What Is Adult Swim All About?

adult swim tiktok trend

This might become a series if it’s popular, and I think it might be. I’ve been sitting on TikTok at times wondering what the bloody hell a trend is all about. The latest example is the “Adult Swim” trend. Here’s the skinny.

What Is The Adult Swim TikTok Trend?

This is one of the more accessible yet creative trends I’ve seen on TikTok, confirmed by the fact I’ve created a video myself for it.

@goosed.ie##adultswim ##python ##raspberrypi ##maker ##adultswimbump♬ VANO 3000 – VANO 3000

The whole idea of this trend is to show someone going about a task which ends with “[AS]” appearing somewhere unexpected. There are also variations where “[adult swim]” simply appears as text on the screen.

This trend plays out to the great sounds of VANO 3000 Running Away.

What Is The Adult Swim TikTok Trend About?

If you were one of the posher families in Ireland that had Sky and Cartoon Network, you might be familiar with Adult Swim. After the watershed, Cartoon Network flipped over to show comedy cartoons for the grown-ups with shows like Family Guy and the likes.

The programming would have “indents” or “bumpers” featuring the often deep or cryptic messages followed by the Adult Swim logo. You might be more familiar with these from Channel 4.

This is what TikTok and even Instagram Reel creators are replicating with this trend. Personally, it’s one of my all-time favourites, possibly down to the music.

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