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Web Summit does a great deal to cater to more than just the conventional startup tech industry. No where is this more visible than through the Sport Summit. Here are three of the best speakers who can be found speaking on all things Sports at this year’s Sport Summit

Ian Ayre – Liverpool

ian ayreCommercial deal making at it’s best

Whether you should be taking advice from him now or not is debatable, but Ian Ayre has a history of success in business. Currently he is the CEO of Liverpool Football Club, one of the most internationally recognised football clubs in the world. He has also been heavily involved with delivering TV signal digitally to peoples homes through his time with Pace Systems, Premium TV and NTL, so the guy knows how to make money. His money making ability is evident through the Standard Chartered shirt sponsorship deal for Liverpool, believed to be one of the most lucrative in the world.

Sam Allardyce –  Football Manager

Sam Allardyce gifOne of football’s biggest characters

Affectionately known as “Big Sam”, Sam Allardyce is a well known and widely loved manager, owing largely to he fairly mad character. Attending the Sport Summit for “Big Sam” is sure to be entertaining. This is not Sam’s first trip to Ireland though. The 1991/1992 League of Ireland season saw his Limerick team run out First Division champions in his first managerial post as player/manager. He will surely provide some laughs as well as an insight into the technology used at Premier League level.

Jamie Heaslip

Jamie Heaslip MovemberIreland number 8, Movember Champion and social media legend

His mighty pinstripe mustache was something to behold last year, but this year his highlight will hopefully be playing a part in leading Irish Rugby towards the Web Ellis Trophy. Straight off the back of that Jamie will be speaking at the Sport Summit. No doubt he’ll be discussing Movember and social media exploits, which led him to be one of our favourite Irish Rugby players to follow on social media for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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