While many of you have probably voted for your own preference of the 2016 General Election candidates, thousands of you who have yet to move your votes are likely moving around the country to vote. Chances are, the candidates in this constituency may not even mean much to you, leading you to vote like you have in the past or following your parents. Fortunately, there is a great tool that can ensure your vote goes towards a cause you believe in. is a remarkably simple idea, that does all the hard work for you in terms of keeping up with the wide array of election promises that emerge during the run up to elections. Upon visiting, you enter your constituency, before beginning a ten minute journey towards a smarter vote.

In truth, it will likely take less than ten minutes, as you are simply greeted with a statement to which you choose which level of agreement or disagreement you feel.

smartvote breakdown then compares your choices to what the 2016 General Election candidates and their parties have been saying in the run into polling. You will be given a results card showing which candidates within your selected constituency suits your beliefs best, with an option to view a breakdown to each question you answered. Do keep an eye out for the commentary here, as party stances are given where individual candidates have not provided comment on the topic.

With a few hours remaining to vote, is a great tool to ensure you get the most out of your vote. Share this with people you’ve heard say, “but sure the father votes for him”.

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