What time is the Conor McGregor fight at?

What time is the Mcgregor fight

When did Marathon become Snickers and what date did the ice age end are big questions in need of answering, but for today only question that matters is “what time is the Conor McGregor fight at during UFC 196”. Considering the con2start time of this fight depends on several other fights and their outcomes it’s impossible to predict the exact time. However, there is a solution.

While we cannot tell you what time the Conor McGregor fight is at, there is an app that will do the hard work for you. Simply and efficiently titled the “McGregor Alarm”, a new app has graced the Google Play store with one practical use; waking you up in time for the fight. You won’t need to stay up with loads of coffee, or have an elaborate series of alarms around the house as this system simply goes off five minutes before the fight.

We’d love to overcomplicate this, but it’s that simple. Download the “McGregor Alarm” now for Android.

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