Vibe: Out the ticket tout

If you’ve been following EURO 2016 and the facebook group you’re sure to have seen endless amounts of banter and fun being had over in France with the Boys in Green. Slightly less craic are tickets that go for above face value from touts looking to turn a profit.

euro 2016 ticket touts

Lucky enough, there is a team vowing to “out the tout”.

vibe tickets meetupVibe was founded in 2013 by Luke Massie. Luke was a little miffed that so many ticket holders would flog their in-demand tickets for a profit, taking advantage of die-hard fans, desperate to attend big events. Vibe is more or less Tinder for tickets, offering three simple elements to improve the secondhand ticket markets. You can sell tickets up to 24 hours prior to an event, but tickets from fans selling at face-value and meet other like-minded fans from communities, know to the creators as ‘Vibers’.

Currently, the end users must arrange the payment terms themselves, but this is something the developers are currently working on. This development is likely to be hurried along by Vibe’s participation in Virgin Media Business Voom 2016. Vibe has reached the final of this year’s Voom, meaning they will be pitching to Richard Branson in an effort to nab a share of a €1.2 million prize pot.

How they plan to make money, we don’t know. Vibe is a completely free service, and promises to stay that way. So for now, if you’re desperate to catch that big concert or football final, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Vibe is currently available for iOS with an Android version on the way soon. You can also follow their twitter account for further updates on available tickets.

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