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I don’t know how many ways articles like this can be opened in 2020. We’ve heard them all a million times. “It’s been a challenging year” and all that jazz. While pubs are no doubt some of the hardest businesses hit, retailers have had to adapt and adopt quicker than ever. Nothing had driven businesses towards improving online experiences faster than COVID-19 and Three has, today, launched a “first of its kind” online service in Ireland with 3 Store Connect. Here’s a quick lay of the land in Ireland right now and an intro to 3 Store Connect.

The Online Shopping Scene In Ireland

Online shopping has always been the forgotten child of Irish businesses. Never has this stood out more than in 2020. Data from the online-only bank Revolut shows that Black Friday 2020 saw Irish businesses enjoy a 135% increase in online sales. This should be a time for celebration but looking back will, unfortunately, be an act of spotting missed opportunities. The data from Revolut also tells us that Irish retailers took just a 39% chunk of the pie with the remainder going to international retailers. An average spend of €63.18 with Irish businesses, eclipsed by international average spends of €90.37.

three virtual shopper service

In their defence, Irish retailers both big and small, are reacting. The problem is that they are not just overcoming the impacts of 2020 but also the years of neglecting online shops in general. That’s why services like 3 Store Connect from Three are going to become more common place, with people seeking out ways of shopping without visiting traditional retail spaces.

What Is 3 Store Connect?

3 Store Connect is an online service where, from the comfort of your own home, you can visit the Three website and speak with experts face-to-face through a video call. Buying a phone can be tricky, I know because selling them used to be my job. There are a seemingly infinite number of question combinations people can have about phone purchases so online experiences can fall short of delivering a simple journey. Now, with 3 Store Connect, you can have a really natural conversation with an expert just like you would by visiting a store. It’s the same shopping experience of visiting a store without the hassle of worrying about festive queues.

it’s extremely important to us that we continue to provide the best possible support to our customers

Ronan Gibney, Head of Sales at Three Ireland

Ronan Gibney, Head of Sales at Three Ireland said “it’s extremely important to us that we continue to provide the best possible support to our customers. We know that connectivity is vital for our customers now more than ever, and will be even more important during the Christmas period. Through 3 Store Connect, we are delighted to offer our customers the same experience as though they were in-store with one of our retail experts”.

How To Use 3 Store Connect

To make use of this service, visit the 3 Store Connect webpage and look out for the chat button on the bottom right of the page. You’ll need to answer two quick questions and insert your mobile number. Then you just have to wait for a call back from a member of staff.

To celebrate the launch of 3Store Connect, online shoppers can avail of offers of 10% off Three’s accessories range shopping via 3Store Connect on the 8th December, traditionally Ireland’s busiest shopping day.

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