Netflix secret codes

Now that December is here, Christmas will arrive in the blink of an eye. And while things may be looking a bit different than normal this year — okay, they’re going to look very different — but there is one tradition that we know we’re definitely going to be taking part in: streaming just about every festive thing we can find on Netflix. 

But if you’ve found yourself endlessly scrolling through the streaming service to try and find their snow-filled shows and films, there’s some good news: there are secret codes you can use to find the Christmas categories. 

Netflix secret codes

How To Use Secret Netflix Codes

Making use of these secret codes couldn’t be easier!

  • Login to your Netflix account on your computer or through the browser on your phone
  • For example, using
  • Basically, just don’t just the app
  • Then you need to add the number code below to the end of that URL to access each category.

Secret Netflix Christmas Codes

  • Christmas Children & Family Films – 1474017
  • Romantic Christmas Films – 1394527
  • Family-friendly Christmas Films – 1394522.
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 11 to 12 – 1477206
  • Feel-good Christmas Children & Family Films – 1475066
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 5 to 7 – 1477201
  • Goofy Christmas Children & Family Films – 1475071
  • Christmas Children & Family Films from the 1990s – 1476024
  • British Christmas Children & Family Films –1527064
  • Christmas Children & Family Films for ages 8 to 10 – 1477204
  • European Christmas Children & Family Films – 1527063
  • Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films – 1721544

You can also put the code numbers into the search bar, and Netflix will bring up similar titles for you to watch. 

While the availability of the titles in each category may change depending on what territory you’re accessing Netflix from, there’s bound to be something that will suit everyone’s tastes. 

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