Every day, we encounter the slight inconvenience inducing threat of First World Problems. Thankfully, the creation of the internet coupled with smart phones have built bridges for us to stroll over these minor day to day inconveniences.

Ordering Takeaway

ordering takeaway over the phoneWhat is it about actually calling takeaways we all hate so much? Perhaps it’s the fact there are 5 other people in the room that could have taken the responsibility and you’re raging that it fell to you to make the call. Perhaps instead it’s the fact they’re likely to not hear you, mess up and all your friends will blame you. What ever the reason, ordering takeaway online has grown in popularity with two massive names currently battling it out for our custom at the minute in JustEat.ie and Marvin.ie.

More than likely owing to the fact everything is written in black and white, the chances of your order being messed up are less likely online. There’s no messing around with cash and there’s no awkward shouting “number 45” down the phone a million times. Yay for ordering takeaways online.

Getting a Taxi

hailing a taxiSticking out your hand and having the taxi drive passed, is perhaps the greatest rejection many will experience since not getting the shift at a teenage disco. Well fear rejection no more, as apps like Uber and Hailo mean you can sit in the warmth of your gaff as the taxi does the chasing.

If you’ve had a few too many scoops and left your phone in the taxi, Hailo lets you contact your driver the next day. Sharing a taxi with friends? Uber lets you split the fair across different cards. And then there’s once again the fact you don’t need cash, just a card that’s linked to your account.

Renting a Movie

3f4e41b472f8d40aea4cb1e73f0167bbFirst of all, why was there never a parking spot near the video store? Why was there always that creepy guy who came out of the adult section just as you were dropping back your movies? And why did they always assume you didn’t rewind the video while giving you evils? Ah yes, the humble video store. Many’s a time you’d rock in excited to watch the latest movie only to find they’ve rented out their two copies before recommending a sub-par alternative. DVD came along with a new threat; getting a scratched DVD. Christ, the horror of it all.

Enter Netflix. Sure enough, Netflix comes with its own problems, such as a burning desire for everyone to access US Netflix, but it has really made watching movies and TV simple. Leaving the house and interacting with people is fast becoming a thing of the past. For the price of one or two rentals a month you get access to the entire Netflix database. If you haven’t already signed up, download Upflix, an app that lets you peruse the entire catalog of movies and see if it’s for you.

Queuing for Beer

giphyThe loud hearty roar of “HEAVE” is heard only during a game of rugby or ordering pints on the weekend. Getting to the bar to grab a pint can be like trying yo get U2 tickets. Even for the likes of these, there is an app. Yes, you too can avoid the queues for beer if you are in the right place. Currently in around 30 Dublin bars, Orderella allows you to have your pints and cocktails delivered straight to your table.

We’ll be living the life of Wall-E in no time!

Has technology made your life ever so slightly easier? Let us know how in the comments below.

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