In just under two years, Goos3D has experienced some ups and downs, but last night we had one of our latest highs. At a ceremony in Dublin’s Tivoli Theatre, we were announced as the Bronze Winner in the Best Digital and Tech Blog category.


Given the competition that was present in this category, we’re absolutely over the moon and just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who’s got us to this point. Huge thanks to the Blog Awards Ireland, who put together and amazing roaring twenties style show.

screenFinally, we’ve gotta tip caps to the competition we came up against, in particular Ireland’s Technology Blog who brought home silver and the amazing Game-Smack who nabbed the gold. Congratulations to everyone!

From ourselves, we’re going to be pressing on from here to get Goos3D into an even stronger position and bringing you even more news, reviews and genuine tech tips and tricks that will improve your live a little – all while being a bit of craic.

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