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You might remember there was a fair bit of outrage in 2017 when Snapchat launched Snap Maps. When you took a picture, it would appear on a map, allowing others on Snapchat who you aren’t friends with to see what you’re up to. The anger that followed was somewhat understandable as people thought their privacy was at risk. The truth of it all was that app users could turn this feature off, ensuring your snaps from the jacks remain within your private network. Today, Snapchat has released a new feature called Snap Map on the Web and I’m just waiting for the deluge of angry tweets to kick off again.

Snap Map On The Web

Right, so we’re pretty much all using WhatsApp, right? Have you tried out WhatsApp Web, which allows you to write and receive WhatsApp messages on your laptop? It’s really bloody handy getting to step away from the touchscreen every now and then. Snapchat has kinda gone and done the same thing.

Now, you can’t start uploading snaps from your laptop, but you can explore the Snapchat world by wandering around Snap Map on the Web and really hone your creeping game. Here’s what Dublin looks like; go on and have a wander:


I personally think this is pretty cool once you step away from the privacy scaremongering and can see the massive potential Snap Map present for event organisers.

snap map on the web

If you are a Snapchat user, don’t worry. Publically posted snaps are off by default and you do need to turn them on.

So What?

Well, this is a really big step forward for Snapchat because now you can explore a world of content created by everyday people, practically in real-time. Right now, according to Snapchat, the app has newsworthy content about ten minutes before traditional news reporters appear on site. This is down to the content being created by people on the spot when something happens. While that does sound like a precursor to a Black Mirror-style world when we just capture every moment, it’s a hard fact to ignore. Whenever something simply fantastic or utterly horrible happens these days look around and you’ll see a lot of smartphones capturing the moment.

According to Jack Brody, lead product engineer, Snapchat want’s to turn how we view maps on its head. With Snap Maps, it’s no longer about where you are or where you’re going, but more about what’s happening there and what can you do. Snapchat is bringing exploring real experiences to more and more people. The surprising part of Snap Map on the Web is the fact you don’t need to log in or even need a Snapchat account to view the images and videos being made public by people in an area.

Snapchat Isn’t Making Bad Moves

If you are in any way at all interested in the business side of Snapchat, you’ll no doubt be aware they’ve been taking a pounding in the stock market. They’ve recently released a fresh design for their app which has received mixed reactions.

However, Snap Map on the Web and Snap Map in general, for me, polarises what Snapchat’s mission is. They are making exploring the world easier than ever, by bringing authentic content created by local people. There’s a feeling of authenticity to this that you don’t often get with social media apps or even traditional TV shows. Snapchat has claimed that 31% of UK Snapchatters watch TV for less than an hour a day, indicating people are consuming news and reviews in very different ways.

I’m reluctant to ask, but how do you feel about Snap Map on the Web? If you decide to post publically (remember that’s off by default) anyone in the world could find your images and videos by zeroing in on your location. Awesome way to share content or terrifying for privacy? Let us know in the comments below.

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