Plan a Smart Wedding: Use tech to get more from your big day

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With everything else becoming smart in the world, we bring you through the steps required to plan a smart wedding.

What is a smart wedding?

The modern age has seen our world become more connected that ever. Often a celebration of tradition, there are several ways you can discreetly usher technology in your smart wedding. To host a smart wedding is not to say there will be drones flying around the first dance or a robot greeting guests. A smart wedding, to us here at Goos3D, is you getting the very most from your big day and making the planning process as simple as possible.

Plan your smart wedding using Wunderlist

Wunderlist makes organising a smart wedding easyWunderlist is a must have for those seeking to inject a bit of organisation into their lives. Such a craving for organisation normally comes during the planning phase of a wedding. Our in-depth research (a season and a half of “Don’t Tell the Bride“) has shown us that one-half of the wedding party is usually the organised one. Wunderlist is a must have if you are that other half – aka the unorganised one. The app lets you categorise your tasks and set reminders for their due dates.  As you complete tasks you mark them completed.

Considering your smart wedding is going to be one of your biggest days, you might even consider investing in Wunderlist Pro. The best feature of Wunderlist Pro is the ability to assign tasks. So if your other half was supposed to confirm the DJ, you can see if that’s been crossed off their Wunderlist or not. Wunderlist feeds even the most control hungry of smart wedding planners out there.

Decide upon your smart wedding hashtag

Wedding hashtags are an essential part of a smart weddingYes, you need to have a wedding hashtag. A hashtag has become one of the most interactive and rewarding elements of a smart wedding. By deciding upon a unique hashtag and making it known to your guests, you are growing the number of photographers present exponentially. Your smart wedding hashtag will also act as a unique identifier for IFTTT – which we will discuss later.

Get a shared email address

Naturally, a shared email is only going to be used for wedding-related stuff, but it’s a handy little tip to ensure both parties are up to date on the latest communications. Using an application like IFTTT also has added benefits when you can both access the same Google Drive account, so we recommend you get a Gmail account.

If This Then That

IFTTT is one of our favourite apps and it runs most of our lives in Goos3D Tower. IFTTT also places a huge amount of power into the hands of a smart wedding planner. Now that you have a wedding hashtag for your guests to use, you’ll need to scrape everything from the internet that uses it. To do this, you need IFTTT and some recipes.

Save photos from your wedding hashtag on Twitter

This recipe will automatically save any photos posted to Twitter accompanied with your wedding hashtag. If you play around with IFTTT you also find options such as automatically retweeting anyone using your wedding hashtag amongst other great recipes.

IFTTT Recipe: When anyone Tweets with your wedding hashtag automatically save the pic to your Dropbox connects twitter to dropbox

Email your DJ with your latest favourite tracks

This recipe is probably our favourite out of the lot. No smart wedding would be complete without some cracking tunes. Normally, you’ll have briefed your DJ with the music you would like weeks in advance. There is always the chance you’ll hear a new song you love a week before the big day. This recipe emails your DJ with every song title you add to a specific playlist in Spotify. You’ll need to have an agreement with your DJ about doing this of course, but you could recommend they use IFTTT to manage emails from you too.
IFTTT Recipe: Send your DJ an email when you add a song to your wedding playlist on Spotify connects spotify to gmail

Keep track of wedding receipts

A side project of IFTTT is the DO series of apps. DO Camera is a useful one for smart wedding planners. In the run up to your big day, you will be racking up the receipts. DO Camera lets you launch a secondary camera app on your phone. Photos taken with DO Camera app are organised into specific Google Drive folders. Now you have a folder filled with images of your receipts. Genius.
IFTTT Recipe: Save pics of wedding receipts to Google Drive connects do-camera to google-driveNow you have the tools to host a smart wedding. Perhaps you were married recently and found tech that made things easier? Share it with us in the comments below.


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