The Huawei Watch ships with a standard leather band leaving us searching for a more sports-friendly band. We discovered Google project Mode but felt it was too pricey, leading to our discovery of Clockwork Synergy‘s silicone smartwatch bands.

What do Clockwork Synergy do?

Clockwork Synergy are smartwatch band specialists, with over ten years experience in the industry. Offering both a wide range of materials and colours, Clockwork Synergy most recently moved into manufacturing watch bands for wearables. This is where we became very interested in their bands.

The range of smartwatch bands

Huawei Watch bandThe wearable accessory specialists offer a wide range of bands for various smartwatch users. Some of the pioneers of the market feature including our beloved Pebble smartwatches. Naturally, you will also find bands for the Apple Watch and a wide range of Android Wear devices, including the Fossil Q Founder, both Moto 360 models and of course the Huawei Watch.

Features of the Clockwork Synergy silicone smartwatch bands

While researching the best fitness wearables on the market, the Huawei Watch emerged as a potential suitor. The problem was the leather strap being hugely unsuitable for exercise. And so began the journey which led to Clockwork Synergy. We got some of the silicone range designed especially for the Huawei Watch sent out to us and here’s what we thought.

Silicone smartwatch bands

Spotting a gap in the wearable accessory market, Clockwork Synergy set out to create a very affordable option for smartwatch users. While they are affordable, the quality doesn’t let up. Our biggest concern would be that a band at such a low price would fall straight off our wrist. Fortunately, that was not the case as the band fit the device perfectly.

The other concern we had was the material irritating the skin, but again Clockwork Synergy’s experience in the industry shone through as the bands were extremely comfortable giving no issue, even with prolonged wear. Please note some of the work out sessions were not so prolonged due to a distinct lack of fitness from the author.


multi-colour silicone smartwatch bandsThe range of colours available ensures all users will find a band that suits their taste. Better still, the options are not limited to the colour of band, but the combination of band colour with buckle style. You can choose a buck from a nice variety, including brushed steel and rose gold.

We particularly liked the inclusion of a pink, rose-gold watch strap which made what was a very masculine watch, feminine.

Quick release smartwatch band

Quick release silicone smartwatch bandsAnd to our favourite feature: the quick release. Obviously, given our desire to find a band that we could quickly pop off and swap out, traditional watch straps simply wouldn’t cut it. The guys over at Clockwork include the quick release functionality seen on the official Huawei Watch bands, making it extremely convenient to change between business and sports.

The verdict

While these silicone smartwatch bands are available at a low price the quality does not match. Sure enough, it’s just a simple smartwatch band, but they breathe a new life into your wearable. While the Google Mode does achieve something unique, they are expensive and don’t really provide anything more convenient than these silicone bands. Transform your wearable from business watch to fitness tracker in just a few seconds it takes to swap the bands. This bands are available starting at €12 and can be bought on the company website.


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