Revolut Employees To Be Allowed Work Abroad For Up To 60-Days

remote working abroad

Working from home has become a massive normal thing to come out of nowhere in the past 12-months. Today, Revolut has helped shaped what that normal might look like in the coming years. The online-only bank with 1.2 million customers in Ireland will allow their employees to work abroad for up to 60-days per year. This is great for people who call home a different country or just want to get a bit of sun during work hours!

Revolut, which has about 50 employees in Ireland, studied applicable corporate tax, income tax, immigration and social security regulations to create a policy that is as beneficial and convenient as possible for employees. This is an interesting development as tax is one of the most common reasons given for companies not providing dual-country working policies.

The new working abroad policy was launched to enable the company’s internationally diverse workforce to visit families more often and/or for longer periods.

Revolut staff members who wish to work outside their country of employment for personal and non-business related reasons, will be able to do so for a period of up to 60 calendar days over a rolling 12 months. Employees can start availing of the policy as soon as travel restrictions are eased and must adhere to guidelines of national health authorities in both their departing and arrival destinations.

Jim MacDougall, VP of People at Revolut, said: “Once countries start to lift travel restrictions or slowly move away from lockdowns, after over a year behind closed doors, we believe this new policy will be a huge success among Revoluters. As we’re eliminating frontiers within financial services, it made sense to align our internal policy with our product mission. Our employees asked for flexibility and that’s what we’re giving them as part of our ongoing focus on employee experience and choice”.

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