Snapps: Pacemaker is an amazing DJ app for iPhone and iPad

the pacemaker DJ app

We’ve all had that moment in the nightclub where we know we could do what the DJ is at, right? Well, I’ve been that DJ in the past and it’s absolutely true. Of course, tech plays a part in breaking down the barriers here. Pacemaker is a DJ app for iOS devices that’ll let you live out your DJ dreams.

Who is the Pacemaker DJ app for?

If you like a good tune and fancy yourself to be a bit of a mixologist, and have Spotify, then Pacemaker is for you.

What does Pacemaker do?

Pacemaker lets you chop up and mashup any songs you can find in Spotify. The app holds your hand through the whole process too. To earn the title of DJ app, Pacemaker beat matches songs when mixing between tracks. It actually does this when skipping along the song timeline too.

The app also steers you towards the best songs to mix together. You’ll have suggestions waiting for you when you’re picking the next track. Even better, Pacemaker has an indicator showing how well matched all tracks are. So you’re less likely to ruin the craic with a lemon of a song.

Sharing your mixes

The most important part is letting everyone see what a killer DJ you’ve become. This means that you can share your mixes within the app. You can also send links to friends, but they can only play them through the app. This is the only real downside to the Pacemaker DJ app. You need the app which means you must have an iPhone or iPad to play mixes.

Plenty to play with for free

Still, if you do have an iPhone or iPad and Spotify, you’d me mad to not download Pacemaker. It will also mix music from iTunes and you can add some flair by purchasing effects packages. At the very worst, it’s a couple of hours living your dream as a DJ and conducting the drops. At best, you’ll create a banging Saturday night playlist for your gaff party.

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pacemaker-amazing-dj-app-iphone-ipadPacemaker is a great DJ app that really lets you make some decent mixes. It'll take some practice to nail it, but it makes DJing really easy.


  1. They ruined the pacemaker dj app, adding social features nobody asked for and removed the ability to remix your own music collection. It was a functional dj app and creative also I upgraded to pro and still lost my original mixes. I hate this company so much for robbing me of my own work on mixes. And I paid for the app to get effects. Thanks for nothing


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