OnePlus Trolls Samsung During Their Unpacked Event

oneplus 9 trolling samsung with two phones to look like a folding phone

Today, Samsung hosted their latest Unpacked event. The South Korean phone manufacturer released not one, but two folding smartphones. But it was OnePlus who kind of stole the limelight.

OnePlus Folding Phones?

Yesterday, OnePlus teased what looked like a folding phone on their US Twitter account.

The video ends with a date. The same date as Samsung’s Unpacked event. The tweet itself included 10am too. The exact same time as Samsung’s Unpacked event.

Twitter went into overdrive.

Out of nowhere, Samsung had new competition on their big day. A new and quite unexpected folding phone. It turns out it was a folding phone that didn’t even exist.

€50 Off The OnePlus 9

As the event got underway for Samsung, OnePlus tweeted again. This time it was the end of the teasing and time for the real deal. Literally, just a deal.

Yes indeed. There is no OnePlus folding phone. The video released yesterday was simply two OnePlus 9 smartphones sitting side by side. Some guerrilla marketing at its best. The message “half off” suggesting you only need half the screen space to have a good phone. To be fair, that’s subjective as the new Samsung range looks kind of cool.

But, the offer isn’t 50% off the price. Instead, you can save €50 when you but the OnePlus 9. Not bad. But hey, it got me talking about them right?

Save €50 when you buy the OnePlus 9 by using the promo code COOL50.

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