New to Kickstarter this week is FlipFlic, a disruptive smart blind option for your home.

Disruptive technology is arguably always the most exciting technology. In the tech world, disruptive is a title given to alternative and often cheaper smart solutions. Imagine you wish to install smart blinds in your home, which can be opened and closed through your smartphone. They will likely be rather expensive and your old blinds will go to waste. FlipFlic seeks to overcome this with an affordable solution which utilises your existing blinds.

What is the FlipFlic for?

Many homes have some sort of blinds installed. Blinds control the light and affect the temperature of the room they are in by allowing light in, while also providing privacy. The FlipFlic controls your blinds, opening and closing them upon your command. This is either achieved through manual control or smart controls via the device’s app.

What are the benefits of FlipFlic?

Home automation devices such as the FlipFlic are all based on one simple principal; efficiency. This efficiency comes from smart devices taking over mundane tasks you aren’t a big fan of, or through direct savings through reduced home energy usage. The creators behind FlipFlic have stated their device can save up to $50 per year per FlipFlic controlled blind system.

As with most items new to Kickstarter, it’s the attention to detail that will likely herald the success of FlipFlic. Such attention is visible through the inclusion of a solar charging panel for the device.

What blinds is FlipFlic compatible with

flipflic gifFlipFlic works with horizontal and vertical Venetian blinds, where the twist/tilting wand/rod can be detached. The FlipFlic simply replaces the wand with a small spinning motorised grip, which can then control the blinds. The device suits 1″ mini blinds and 2″ blinds up to 60″ wide.

Also popular in Ireland are blinds controlled with a cord. The good news is the same team are working on a solution for these blinds. You can sign up for updates on their website.

How much will FlipFlic cost?

If you live in a glasshouse, the price will run up pretty quickly, but if you only have a few windows it shouldn’t be too bad. Considering the devices come with the option of solar power, you can also be rest assured that the devices will pay for themselves in savings over time. Below is a chart cost for the initial crowd funding stage.

new to kickstarter - flipflic

You can back the FlipFlic now on Kickstarter.

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