Steven Spielberg’s The BFG trailer released

Prepare your childhood to be rocked as the latest trailer Steven Spielberg’s The BFG has been released.

Whether it be James and the Giant Peach or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, many of us have some memories which involve being exposed to the brilliance of Roald Dahl. One of Dahl’s best known works is set to be released to mark the 100th year of his birth.

The BFG: What’s it all about?

The BFG is one of the most widely popular works of Dahl. The 1982 story surrounds Sophie, a young orphan girl living in an orphanage run by the evil Mrs. Clonkers. Evil adults are somewhat typical of Dahl’s works. Sensing her lonley heart, Sophie is taken away to Dream Country by a giant who we know as the BFG, or Big Friendly Giant. The giant is not like others of his kind, as he refuses to eat children and other humans.

Both the girl and the Big Friendly Giant find comfort in each others company, while feeling lonely in their own worlds.

The BFG: Who is in it?

Mark Rylance BFGThe BFG is directed by Steven Spielberg who is no stranger to successful children’s movies, though we expect the queues in the cinemas to have its fair share of grown ups. Mark Rylance (left), fresh off the back of winning an Academy Award for is supporting role in Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, voices the Big Friendly Giant.

Sophie is played by newcomer Ruby Barnhill, known for her role in TV show 4 O’Clock Club. For the rest of the crew, as is often the case with famous children’s book adaptations, many other famous faces are more than happy to be involved in their own childhood memories. Flight of the Conchords’ Jemaine Clement,  Superbad cop Bill Hader and Shaun of the Dead Mum, Penelope Wilton, all make appearances or voice cameos.

What do we learn from the trailer?

The BFG TrailerThe giant appears to be from Cornwall or the surrounding area. The film itself will be a graphical masterpiece. At the end of the trailer, the emotions visible on the giant’s face are stunning. Also the giant is bleedin’ massive.

The BFG: When is it in cinemas?

The BFG hits Irish cinemas on July 22nd.

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