Some technological advancements, like the GeoOrbital Wheel are so innovative they will hurt your head when you see them first. After a few moments, once you get your head around them, they become truly remarkable.

What is the GeoOrbital Wheel

Man riding retro fitted bike with geo orbital wheel We are all familiar with bicycles and some may even be familiar with electric bicycles. The GeoOrbital Wheel is a retrofitted hybrid solution. To break than into English, this latest Kickstarter project provides you with a method of changing your own bicycle into an electrically powered beast. Just how powerful you may ask? This powered bike wheel will bring your from 0-20 miles-per-hour in 6 seconds. It’s not cheap but it is amazing.

How does the GeoOrbital Wheel work?

The reason this project will initially hurt your head when you see it is because it’s a bike wheel without spokes. Yes, we are through the looking glass here people. The wheel can be retrofitted to the vast majority of┬ástandard bike in less than sixty seconds and provide powered movement for 20 miles, or 50 miles if you pedal. One powered roller drives the front wheel, while two others provide support.

Beside the main unit, the device has a simple throttle which clips onto the handlebars.

The GeoOrbital Wheel is powered by a 500W motor and removable 36V battery, which itself offers some other functionality. The unit has a USB out port, so you can charge your phone on the go. Mad handy.

How much will it cost?

As we said earlier, it’s rather expensive, but funnily enough in the context of electric bikes, relatively cheap. You can pick up one of the Kickstarter units for $649 (cheaper are already sold out). This is a considerable discount on the expected retail price of $950.

Rather than continuously trying to fully explain what the GeoOrbital Wheel does, you can find out loads more on their Kickstarter page and by watching their Kickstarter video below.

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