GoMo Announce New €12.99 Offer

Ireland’s newest network, Gomo, has announced their latest offer for customers in the Irish market.

Gomo’s New Offer

After reaching 100,000 customers, Gomo has, as promised, removed their €9.99 offer and replaced it with a slightly less appetising offer. Now, customers joining Gomo can get all texts, all calls and all data for €12.99 – €3 more than the initial offer from the new network.

This new offer from Gomo isn’t the final offer that the MVNO will offer customers. This particular offer will remain in place until March 1st 2020 when it’s likely the monthly rental for this plan will increase again.

The Catch With Gomo

Gomo has been referred to as the Ryanair of mobile networks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I love Ryanair and I’ve seen lots of Europe thanks to the no-frills airline and Gomo’s approach has really appealed to the Irish public who just need a SIM card in their phone.

The network, an MVNO built on Eir’s infrastructure, has reached over 100,000 subscribers already after a very competitive €9.99 offer shook up the telecoms market. The offer which promised all texts, all calls and all data did come at an additional cost for customers. The catch with Gomo from our testing was underperforming network speeds and poor customer care. ComReg has reported a high volume of complaints along with Gomo being under investigation for using the term “offer for life” while also retaining the right to change customer price plans.

Regardless, because Gomo is a SIM-only plan and you need to have your own phone, it’s a low-risk trial given the price and the fact it’s a 30-rolling contract.

Check out Gomo’s new offer

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