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Around the country, there are countless apartments that are using the old intercom system. When your friends or family come around, they buzz, you mumble at them and they can’t hear you. Chances are you’ll eventually have to go downstairs and let them in too. There’s a reason we described it as the old intercom system. Introducing nello one.

What is nello one?

nello one is a smart intercom systemThis isn’t really the first time we’ve looked at the nello one. This disruptive gadget was funded through Kickstarter known as Monkey. Now, following a small rebrand, Monkey is known as nello one.

The nello one is our favourite type of tech. The team behind this crowdfunded device looked at the shortcomings of old intercom systems. More importantly, they also appreciated how our modern lives could be improved with smarter control over the front door. The result was the nello one chip – a small device that you can retro-fit to any intercom system.

How does nello one make my life better?

Certain benefits of the nello one may seem like solving first world problems. The system combines the power of your smartphone and the nello one smart intercom system to allow you to control the front door of your building without a key. Using smart, power-saving GPS, the app detects when you are approaching the front door of your building. The nello app then fires a signal to your intercom system, fitted with the smart chip and opens the front door. Imagine your hands are full with shopping. Problem solved.

Modern lock for modern life

Of course, the online shoppers out there will spot massive potential here. Not so long ago, you had a narrow range of items you could pick up in the local shops. Today, the world is your oyster. Online shopping and smartphones mean you can now buy a wide range of items and get them delivered to your home. While some will get these delivered to their workplace, not all employers are cool with that. Nor will all companies deliver to the likes of Parcel Motel for legal reasons.

nello intercom system for sevicesThe nello one, gives you the power to control your front door using nothing more than your smartphone. The idea is that when the courier is outside the front door and you’re in the office, you simply let them in. Access can also be shared with friends and family too. Better still, if you enjoy making a few extra bob by subletting on Airbnb, there’s no more worry about key loss. nello one also allows you to track people coming and going, so you can make sure everyone checks out on time.

Is nello one compatible with my intercom system?

The smartest part of it all is the fact this can be fitted to your existing intercom system. If in doubt, you can send the nello team an image of your intercom to make sure it will work. The disruptive nature of the device means you squeeze all of this tech into a tiny, easy to fit, chip for just €99.

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