Have you ever found that Donald Trump talks a little bit too much sense? Maybe you’ve even thought to yourself “wouldn’t it be great if I could create my own Donald Trump quotes”. You know, just to have him say something racist or war-inducing.

Okay, with the classic opposite world introduction complete, let’s get back on track. Twitter has recently become a stomping ground for Trump’s rants.

With the press being shoved aside, all we can do is undermine and mock the Trumpster.

You can create your own mad Donald Trump quotes

Well, would you make mad quotes? Maybe you’d just make Donald say some things that Obama said. Bring back memories of a happier time right? It’s easy to do both thanks to Zoobe, a character voice-messaging app available for both iOS and Android. Zoobe was founded by German filmmaker, Lenard F. Krawinkel.

You record your voice with the app and then select which character you would like to repeat your creation. The app was created to bring more emotion to your WhatsApp messages. Generally speaking, the characters are funny and from hot-topics. You’ll find loads of freebies to play with like Angela Merkel. Trump was free until the guys at Zoobe realised people are craving some sense to be uttered by the President. Trump now costs 99c to access – thanks a lot Obama. All in all, there’s a nice mix of free charachters and premium stuff to keep Zoobe fresh. You can even get Slimer from Ghostbusters.unspecified

If you want to make your own Donald Trump quotes, just download Zoobe, select Trump from the list and record your voice. The video will then render itself and download to your device, where you can share. That means Facebook, Twitter all those great places. Those social media platforms really are brilliant and I’m great at them all. See, I’ve been practising.

We’ve test drove Zoobe with Donald Trump quoting the now infamous Enda Kenny Castlebar speech. Who said it best?

You can download Zoobe now for iOS and Android.

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