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Dublin City parking can be a nightmare at the best of times. If you’re lucky enough to find a spot, there’s always the chance you won’t have change for the meter. Or what about if you don’t but enough in? Or worse still, put too much in. Disaster. That’s why the Parking Tag app is probably one of the best apps for Irish smartphone users.

What is the Parking Tag app?

Parking Tag is a service from Payzone that makes parking your motor much easier. It solves one of those terrible first world problem type problems. Like you know, the parking meter is a 30-second walk away from the car. So, you have to walk to the meter, then back to the car and then go to your meeting or whatever. Ugh, horrible right?

The Parking Tag app lets you control your parking through your phone. I feel somewhat smug as I park up, lock the car and sort my parking as I walk directly to where I need to be.

But that’s not a great reason to use the app

That just one of the reasons I like the app. It can also save you money. If you’ve ever paid for more parking than you need, you’ll know where this is going. Usually, to feel some kind of justice, I’ll run around the car park offering my ticket to othersĀ if I’ve overpaid my parking. That craic stopped once I started using the Parking Tag app. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be away, you can low-ball your parking time. The app will then let you know your time is nearly up so you can update it if needed. Simply genius.

The other glaringly obvious benefit is you not needing change. In a world of Android Pay and contactless cards, who carries change? You’ll never be caught out again with this app.

How does Mr. Clamper know to leave me alone?

Ah yes, those guys. Don’t worry, your reg number is registered through the app. Dublin City’s parking wardens have computers with them to check your plates.

Is this parking app just available for Dublin City parking?

Most of Dublin is covered by this parking app. Here’s a full listing:

It’s just one of those really handy apps to have on your phone for emergencies. It’s a little annoying that you have to top your account up and that it auto-renews. But, if you’re parking in Dublin City on a regular basis, this is a must have app.

Get Parking Tag for Android and iOS


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