Since taking over a field in Loais way back in 2004, Electric Picnic has grown into possibly the biggest music festival in Ireland. However, the main downside throughout the years has been obvious, the queue for the ATM is painful. These days are finally behind us as the festival has decided to enter the modern era by announcing contactless payment. This makes us very happy.

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It’s not hard to picture the scene because we have all been there. You packed what you thought would be enough moola to get you through the weekend but after a drink too many you end up buying rounds for strangers, having a ball of a time and end up broke. The next step is generally waiting in the 100 people deep queue to use the ATM before you can rejoin the festivities. But no more!

Pics, Pints and Payments!

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The other day Electric Picnic announced that contactless payments will be available at this years festival so you can simply swipe or tap your card at pretty much any of the stalls, bars or food stands. Oh, and that also means that Google and Apple pay will also be supported so you if you’re like me and you have a Secrid wallet you don’t want to bring your phone is available to post all your festival pics and pay for pints.

Electric Picnic Festival’s Melvin Benn added: “We are delighted to be working with AIB and Visa to drive contactless payments across Electric Picnic for the first time.

“We constantly strive to improve the experience and convenience of our festival goers, and we think this is the perfect partnership to encompass that ethos.”

Basically all you need is your contactless card or mobile pay-enabled smartphone, and you can spend less time worrying about cash and more time enjoying the festival. Just be careful you don’t want to do a Dean and spend a months wages one weekend of madness.

AIB bringing the game to life

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AIB are the bank behind the push and they will have a number of different bits and bobs going on in the run up to the event to promote the new era of festival spending. Their campaign #EPonTap campaign will be revealed on AIB’s social channels during the build up to the big weekend.

In the meantime we know that AIB will bring the contactless theme to life via interactive ticket giveaways pre-festival, and Contactless Dating – a unique experience that’ll make finding romance as quick and easy as making a contactless payment… yes find “romance” at a festival, whatever you say AIB.

Anyway, we will be keeping an eye out to see what else AIB and Electric Picnic have in the pipeline so watch this space.

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