Google Announce A Brand New Google Chromecast

new Google Chromecast

I’ve got a smart TV and an Xbox, both of which support some level of streaming from a device like my laptop or smartphone. I never thought I’d need anything more until I bought a phone one day and was able to pick up an accessory for free. I grabbed a Google Chromecast and honestly think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought.

Google has just released a brand new Chromecast and the best thing is, the price stays the same at just €39. Here’s what you get.

What is Google Chromecast?

All the way back in 2013, Google realised that people wanted to stream from their laptops and mobile phones to TVs. Some didn’t have smart TVs and Miracast systems weren’t consistent enough to catch mainstream attention. 

That’s why Google released the Chromecast, a simple plug and play device that lets you stream media over a WiFi connection. That was any screen with a HDMI port which could now be made smart, thanks to Google. More importantly, this meant you could easily sling YouTube and Netflix from your phone or laptop to any old TV with a HDMI port.

Google has toyed with a few different versions of Chromecast, including Chromecast Audio which focused purely on making your old speakers a little smarter.

Today, Google has announced the third generation of Chromecast and here’s what you get for your €39.

What Can Chromecast Do?

You can probably guess from what I’ve said so far, but basically Chromecast lets you sling content from your phone or tablet to your tellybox. In Ireland, we get to enjoy YouTube, Netflix, All4 and, since the recent update, we can even enjoy casting RTÉ Player from mobile, although you won’t be able to skip ads. Unfortunately, Sky doesn’t let you sling Sky Go, but if you sign up to Now TV you can cast from their mobile app to Chromecast.

The New Chromecast Design

Chromecast is no bigger than it’s second generation predecessor. Still, Google has managed to squeeze in a 15% improvement in hardware speed and now this third generation Chromecast supports 1080p streaming at 60fps. Will this be noticeable to everyone? Not at all, but if you are a spec nerd you’ll be liking how all of that sounds.

In terms of beauty, well…it’s beautiful?

Who am I kidding? Sure, the Chromecast is lovely, but you’ll have it stuffed down the back of the TV never to be seen so don’t worry about how it looks.

On the other hand, the Chromecast home screen, visible when you’re not streaming, shows gorgeous pictures from around the world and will now also show some of your own best shots if you’re using Google Photos.

Ok Google, Play Peaky Blinders on Netflix

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most people with either a Google Home or Google Home Mini don’t know this beautiful life hack.

If you have a Chromecast on the same network as your Google Home or Home Mini, you can ask it to stream content to your TV. I come in from a day at the office and ask Google to play whatever it is I’m binging on lately on Netflix. Naturally, Google Assistant obliges. 

This is one of those tech things that makes you feel like we’re all living in the future.

If you ask your Google Home some other questions, you’ll now also get visual answers on your TV. Love it.

Where to Buy Google Chromecast

Well, first thing’s first. I would strongly recommend you don’t buy a Chromecast from CeX. It was a first generation Chromecast I spotted in CeX costing more than a brand new one from Google that lead to me asking just “how good is CeX for value“.

The new third generation Google Chromecast is now on sale from Google direct and from Harvey Norman. As I mentioned at the start, you’ll be able to grab this for just €39 and I do honestly think it could be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make, especially if you have a Google Home.

Full review of the new Google Chromecast coming soon, so be sure to give us a follow.

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