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Have you ever heard of the Big Mac index?

The Big Mac index is a method of comparing different currencies from various countries by looking at something you can buy in each country. As you might imagine, the McDonalds Big Mac is one popular item to compare as it’s available in many places.

Earlier this week, I spotted a cool website emerge called The Mac Index which does something rather similar. Instead of burgers, this website lets you compare the price of Apple products in different countries, so if you’re planning an Apple purchase and need to plot some holidays, it could pay you to keep reading.

Where is Cheapest to Buy an iPhone XS?

Let’s kick things off with one of Apple’s flagship smartphones; the iPhone XS 64GB.

To pick one of these up from Apple Ireland, you’ll be handing over €1,179. Now, if you were to be heading towards the United States, or know someone taking a trip to New York or the likes, you could buy the very same iPhone for just €871. That would be a saving of nearly €310. Sure, wouldn’t that nearly be a seat for one leg of a flight to the States?

If you wanted to keep things a little closer to home and order from Apple UK you could still save a packet. That same phone from the UK would set you back €924. That’s still €255 you get to keep in your pocket.

I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I could find same-day return flights for a lot less than that using something like Google Flights and save money along with having a nice day trip to the UK.

Which Country Sells the Cheapest Apple Watches?

Moving away from the phone end of things, what about the Apple Watch Series 4?

Well, Apple Ireland will ask you to part with €439 for one of these watches. We’re just the 15th cheapest country where Apple sells directly. Compare this to the €340 you could buy this from Apple is Australia for, and you get to see just how stung we are in this country.

If you know someone in Oz, send them a few packs of Tayto to keep them sweet and ask them to bring you a nice pressie home from down under.

Where to Buy a Cheap MacBook Air?

If you’re after an Apple MacBook Air, you’ll be €1379 lighter if you buy in Ireland. Prepare to be really mad if you just bought one recently and had family home for Christmas from Canada.

With Ireland coming in at 18th most expensive place to buy a 1.6GHz 128GB MacBook Air, Canadians can buy the very same device for just €983. That’s a jaw-dropping saving of nearly €400. 

I knew there were price differences to be expected and deals to be had when you travel, but that kind of money would boil the blood if you bought recently.

Buy Apple AirPods in Australia

Back to the Australian family you have abroad now. If you’re shopping around for Apple AirPods and they’re coming home soon, you better be really nice to them.

Ireland is just the 14th cheapest place with an Apple retail store, either online or physical stores, to buy Apple Airpods. To buy these here in Ireland will cost you €179. The very same gadget would cost you just €130 down under.

Not as dramatic a saving that time, but still a sneaky €50 to be saved should your travel plans overlap perfectly.

If you’re planning a big Apple purchase and just happen to be travelling or have family travelling, it’s worth checking out The Mac Index to see if there’s something you can pick up while saving a small fortune.

…but it’s worth noting

Buying outside of Ireland and the EU does change your rights as a consumer. For example, Apple openly calls out Irish consumer law on their website because you are covered for certain defects for up to six years. This only applies if you buy in Ireland. Buy from the States and you’re down to one year of manufacturer warranty. Just worth noting.

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