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microsoft ends windows phone

I decided to abstain from my Friday evening off from writing to pay my respects to Windows Phone. Born back in 2010, Microsoft’s champion to take on the might of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS has finally fallen. Today, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone, now referred to as Windows 10 Mobile, will no longer be receiving security updates from 10 December 2019.

I’m going to go through what this all means for you if you’re a Windows Phone user and also give you some suggestions on which phone to pick up next.

What’s Happening to Windows Phone?

For many years, Microsoft has struggled to get their mobile operating system off the ground. In the most genuine way possible, I want to say this was a real shame. Windows phones were really nice to use. I actually quite liked Microsoft’s mobile operating system. For me, it was like a cross between the simplistic iOS operating system Apple created, but with the customisation and power that Google’s Android system brought to the table.

Unfortunately, the general public didn’t agree with me. Microsoft simply couldn’t sell enough Windows Phones which brought a massive issue along with it beyond the lack of sales revenue. Without users, app developers had little reason to port their apps onto the Windows Phone operating system. Typically, iOS is the priority with Android running a close second, but then few would bother with Windows Phone due to the small pool of users.

The crackers were showing as early as 2017 when one of the team leads tweeted this message:

After struggling on for many years, Microsoft is finally pulling the plug. From 10 December 2019, Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be receiving security updates.

What If I Have A Windows Phone?

Microsoft’s announcement that they would no longer be releasing security updates for Windows 10 Mobile (Windows Phone to me and you). Technically, that means you’ll be able to use your phone after 10 December 2019. The big change is that it’s massively recommended you stop using it. 

The security updates Microsoft issue, patch gaps in their operating system which can be used to compromise your data. 

Microsoft themselves are actually advising that you move to Android or iOS where they will continue to develop their own apps. This is by no means a bad thing. Remember the incredible Seeing Eye app they’re developing? Windows Phone dying out is far from the end for Microsoft on mobile.

The Best Phone for Windows Phone Users

Right. You’ve got plenty of time until you need to make the big move from your Windows Phone, but there’s no harm in starting to think about it already. Here are the best options for Windows Phone users looking to change to Android or iOS.

Huawei P smart 2019

You won’t have to wait too long to make this move if it tickles your fancy. I’ve yet to get hands-on with the P smart 2019, but after Huawei’s impressive year last year, I expect this year’s rendition of the P smart to be one of the best in its price range.

Huawei is also the most iOS-influenced operating system in the Android ecosphere. That means if you liked the simplicity of having a Windows Phone, the P smart 2019 should appeal here. Also, Windows Phones were often a little lower down the price range, so here’s hoping the price helps too.

Be sure to give us a follow to learn more about the Huawei P smart 2019 when it launches later this year.

Apple iPhone 8

As much as Huawei does adopt iOS styling, if that’s what you’re after, you’ve got to consider an Apple original. After suffering the pain of seeing your beloved Windows Phone losing support, you should probably steer clear of some older iPhones, perhaps even the iPhone 7.

For that reason, I feel most comfortable suggesting you give the iPhone 8 a lash. That should be supported until at least October 2020 and even then, when iPhones no longer receive support it’s not as “end of the line” as Windows Phone is going in December.

Doro Smartphone

I’m going out on a limb here, but I know I previously gave my auld lad a Windows Phone. It was a HTC built Windows Phone. Really nice piece of kit and it was actually his first smartphone. It was great because it was relatively simple and because of that I’d imagine that quite a few people might have been using these phones as first smartphones. 

Transitioning away from such a simple operating system, especially if it was a first smartphone, could be very tough indeed. Enter Doro.

Doro is a Swedish mobile phone manufacturer, specialising in smartphones for the elderly. The interface is nice and simple, along with being incredibly intuitive. One could easily argue that the Doro smartphone range is even better for older generations getting to grips with smartphones so keep them in mind. 

You can pick up Doro from your local Post Office and the usual phone retailers.

So how do you feel about Microsoft finally pulling the plug on their mobile platform? Are you a Windows Phone user? Join the conversation on Twitter and let us know.

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