iMua: The JustEat of the Beauty Industry

OK we’re all on Instagram here right? Well, then you know the beauty industry is absolutely rocking it right now. In Ireland we have some of the most talented Make-up Artists and Beauticians around the world..they do say Irish Women are the most beautiful in the world so it should come as no surprise. Here’s the thing how are they all looking to find business now? Instagram. imua is a new directory website launching at the end of September to help people all over Ireland find a hair or beauty service, course or event near them. Think of it like a JustEat but for the beauty industry!

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JustEat of The Make-Up World

imua is very clever, we order takeaway from a JustEat, UberEats or Deliveroo, we all know the process. This Limerick-based company has basically taken this app and brought it to the beauty industry.

The way it works is that MUAs, Nail technicians, lash and brow technicians, hairdressers, aesthetic clinics and more can promote themselves on the platform. Both the Salon or Artist advertise their services and users can search imua to find services in their area.

“We just want to connect the beauty, make -up and hair industry and make it fairer and more visible for all. That way the incredible undiscovered talent in Ireland can finally get the publicity and recognition that they deserve” Brenny wood – CEO

It’s a cool concept and the fact it’s coming out of Limerick is an added bonus for me. You might recognise Brenny’s name there, we’ve written about a few of his ventures in recent years including CyberSmarties and I want to be clear this isn’t a sponsored post, even if they have sponsored a couple of episodes of our new podcast in recent times. We just think it’s a really cool concept and they already have over 300 registered artists registered, even though they don’t launch until the end of September. For each of these businesses, a customer will be able to see the following:

  • Bio
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Latest Social Post
  • Images
  • Services
  • Pricing

Beyond just booking appointments and finding new artists in their area users will also be able to find classes or events being held by the salons, artists & influencers. imua screen all new publishers and events being published and they also manage the ticket sales.

It’s simple, it’s literally JustEat but for haircuts, eyelashes and nails.

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