Not that long ago, Revolut launched a rewards section in their online banking app. Personally I didn’t expect much from it. Even though the online-only bank has well over one million customers in Ireland, it’s not unusual to see apps like this ignore the Irish market. I got this one totally wrong. Revolut has released several offers specifically for the Irish market, the latest one being with the Eir-powered network GoMo.

Update: This offer is no longer available. But if you’re a prepay customer, check this out. Top-up online or using the Ding app and the next day you get a surprise gift! Just make sure you’ve opted in to receive emails from Ding.

What Is The GoMo Revolut Offer?

GoMo is offering Revolut customers a free month on their network. That means a free month of calls, texts and data and after that month you’ll be paying €12.99 per month, which is GoMo’s general lead offer right now. If you’re wondering what the catch is with this deal, you can take a look at our in-depth review of a previous offer GoMo launched with. While the offers aren’t the same, much of the fine print is.

Naturally, because this offer is through Revolut you’ll have to pay for your plan with your Revolut card. Then your first month will be free and the following months will be taken from your Revolut account. Here, along with your GoMo payments, you’ll be able to track recurring monthly subscriptions that’s the Revolut’s handy functionality.

How Does The GoMo Offer Weigh Up?

The value mobile plan space has gone crazy in Ireland over the past few months so how does this offering from GoMo weigh up?

What Are The Value Networks?

The first thing you need to check out is just who are the value networks. The most important thing you need to know is which network is behind the network. This is important because there’s is often little or no difference between the day to day experience you’ll get from picking one over the other. For example, GoMo runs on Eir and from my own testing the network quality seems to be the same on both. The only difference really is that Eir offers 5G and GoMo does not, but let’s stay away from that level of detail.

The value networks in Ireland, and the network that powers them are:

NetworkPowered By
An Post MobileVodafone
Tesco MobileThree
Virgin MobileThree
A list of Irish MVNOs and the physical network behind them

This is significant because you can enjoy the same network coverage on 48 as you can Three, again without access to Three’s 5G network. This is the same for all operators and with that knowledge, we can compare GoMo, 48 and An Post Mobile to find the best deal on the big networks through a virtual operator.


48 recently relaunched and they relaunched aggressively. If you join 48 before November 10th, you get all your calls and texts along with a fairly decent 100GB of data. All of this will set you back just €7.99 once you’re signed up before November 10th. Not too shabby and it is in fact the best deal in the market right now.

An Post Mobile

An Post Mobile is the value path to Vodafone. Right now you can join An Post Mobile for €15 per month and, like this new GoMo offer, you’ll get your first month free if you switch your number to the network. If you’re getting a new number, the price stays the same but you’ll be paying for your first month. For your money, you’ll have unlimited calls, texts and 4G data.

They rank third of these three big offers.


So how does GoMo’s Revolut offer weigh up in the current market? Well, the important thing to remember is that after that first free month, you’ll be paying €12.99 per month which is second only to 48 offer. The big difference between the two, beyond price, is 48’s 100GB data limit versus GoMo’s unlimited data. Well, GoMo has a fair usage policy of 80GB. While that’s still fairly generous it means you’ll still have access to more mobile data on 48.

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