Ireland's fastest and greenest internet

Internet connectivity. Has there ever been a time like the past few months where your internet has meant so much to you? If your internet isn’t great and you’re in the market I might have something to sway you a little. In the past 24 hours, two Irish networks have be determined the fastest and the greenest way of staying connected. Three has been voted Ireland’s fastest network by the good people at Ookla while Virgin Media is now providing Ireland’s greenest broadband.

Three Is Ireland’s Fastest Network

If you’ve ever typed “speed test” into Google, there’s a fair chance that you’ve reached the Ookla Speedtest page. This is what they do for a living. It’s their bag and now they’ve independently verified that Three is Ireland’s fastest mobile network.

Ookla compared 485,674 user-initiated tests taken on the Speedtest iOS and Android mobile apps from all major mobile networks in Ireland in the second half of 2020. Three Ireland’s Speed Score was marked at 26.16 bringing them in ahead of Vodafone at 23.74 and eir at 20.76. These scores mean, following on from their 5G launch last year, Three achieved the best overall data performance in download and upload speeds in addition to the highest peak speeds for both download and upload.

Speed is of the essence these days, a point driven home my Three CEO Robert Finnegan who said, “our customers have never relied more on Three for mobile connectivity; they need to work remotely, to educate remotely, to stay in contact with loved ones and of course to entertain themselves”.

Virgin Media Offers Ireland’s Greenest Broadband

Virgin Media is now offering Ireland’s greenest broadband. Partnering with Energia, Virgin will power their broadband network with 100% green energy. The partnership with Energia is the latest initiative from Virgin Media that builds on ongoing wider sustainability measures and plays an important part of a large climate action programme. Virgin Media has committed to achieving the Low Carbon Pledge with Business in the Community Ireland, aiming for a further 50% reduction in Virgin’s carbon footprint by 2030. 

Peter McCarthy from Virgin Media says, “we have made a considered commitment to increase the amount of renewable energy in the grid that powers our networks and supports our ongoing commitment to a future with 100 percent renewal energy. Partnerships like this are important in helping us get there. We are looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and we know energy is one of our biggest areas of opportunity, so this is another great example of finding solutions to be more environmentally responsible”.

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