Ireland Loves Chipper During Lockdown

There’s something I’ve noticed more and more when ordering from restaurants on Just Eat or Deliveroo. In the delivery, there’s a little flyer often saying something like “order directly with us and save 20%”. With high commission rates to delivery services like Deliveroo, restaurants are setting up their own apps, powered by Flipdish. Today, Flipdish has shone some light on Ireland’s favourite foods during lockdown.

Ireland’s Favourite Takeaway Food

Flipdish have mined the data of nearly 1.4 million food orders to find we really love chipper. This isn’t just Flipdish’s data either. I can support it with a stack of receipts and a rather big belly.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1. Chipper – 26%
  • 2. Chinese/ Thai – 11%
  • 3. Pizza – 11%
  • 4. Restaurant/Bar/Grill – 8%
  • 5. Burgers – 4%
  • 6. Indian – 3%
  • 7. Sushi – 2%
  • 8. Lunch/Deli – 2%
  • 9. Butcher – 1%
  • 10. Greek  – 1%
  • 11. Grocery – 1%
  • 12. Bread – 1%

In terms of single item’s ordered, it’s no surprise that chips tops the list. I’m a demon for getting chips, fries, patatas bravas, pommel or what ever you want to call them delivered to my door. There’s always an excuse that can be made!

Sauce was next on the list. Considering most of us have the staples like ketchup at home, it was curry and garlic sauce to top this list.

  • 1. Chips – 19%
  • 2. Sauce – 15%
  • 3. Burger – 15%
  • 4. Pizza – 6%
  • 5. Sausage – 6%
  • 6. Coca Cola – 5%
  • 7. Kebab – 4%
  • 8. Curry – 4%
  • 9. Fish – 3%
  • 10. Milkshake – 3%
  • 11. Snack Box – 2%
  • 12. Onion rings – 2%

My only question is around battered sausages which don’t seem to have made the cut. I find this extremely unlikely and assume they’ve been rolled into regular sausages in this data set.

So, anything here look familiar? Thinking of grabbing a chipper later? You’re not alone.

More About Flipdish

There’s a chance you’ve used Flipdish without knowing. Instead of ordering through an aggregator site like Just Eat or Deliveroo, you download an app for your favourite chipper or take away.

Speaking today on the release of the survey results, Conor McCarthy, CEO and Co-Founder of Flipdish said “this survey demonstrates the great number of people using their favourite restaurants’ own website to order their preferred food and the benefits it has for restaurant owners during this unprecedented time. In total, over the third lockdown period, there have been just shy of 1.4 million orders placed in lockdown 3 using Flipdish technology”. 

So the next time you see that leaflet in the bag, it might be time to get downloading.

This data was sourced from Flipdish, upon a study of orders conducted through its platform between December 20th, 2020 to April 28th, 2021. 

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