See Ireland in 360: The Goosed Micro Tour of Ireland

360 images of ireland

We recently got to play with the Tesla Model S and boy, oh boy, was it fun. To make the most of it, I got in touch with the guys behind the Insta360 Pro; a Google Streetview-quality 360-degree camera. I got some shots in the Model S and the Model X, but being honest I didn’t feel it did the camera justice. So I set off around Ireland (Dublin and Kilkenny – I’m not superman) and created some mini-tours for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Goosed 360 Tour of Dublin

Of course, you’d expect me to head straight over to Templebar but that’s boring and you can just look at the Templebar live stream whenever you want. No, I wanted to show off something a little different, so here are some of the spots my tour will take you.

Dublin Castle in 360

Dublin Castle is an incredibly British looking place if you ever tour the inside, but then again that makes sense given it was the British base in Ireland prior to Independence. Personally, I love this place. The courtyard is stunning, the surrounding grounds are beautiful and the nearby Chester Beatty Library is a lovely spot.

The courtyard is also the spot where one of my favourite movie moments was filmed:

Trinity College in 360

One of the world’s best-known universities, Trinity has mightily impressive grounds. Now, had I brought a 360 camera into the stunning library or anywhere near the Book of Kells, I’m pretty sure I’d have been tossed out by security. I did manage to get a decent shot of the Front Gate Entrance. Funny story about that entrance; a couple of years ago a man drove his car through the front gate causing €33,000 worth of damage.

St. Stephen’s Green Park in 360

Nothing beats a quiet oasis in the middle of a bustling city. St. Stephen’s Green Park is Dublin’s answer to Central Park. It’s not just an open green either with plenty of cool things to see and even some parts easy to miss.

The history of the park is fascinating too with Arthur Guinness at the centre of it all. Believe it or not, it’s not the Arthur Guinness that everyone knows after creating the ‘black stuff’. Instead, this Artur Guinness who would go on to be known as Lord Ardilaun bought the park, paid off any related debts, landscaped it and then returned it to the public.

Once you reach St. Stephen’s Green on the Goosed 360 Tour of Dublin, you’ll also be brought into a section of the part that many miss completely.

Tour Dublin in 360

Goosed 360 Tour of Kilkenny

The Medieval Capital of Ireland, the Marble City and the home of the Cats. Kilkenny is known as many things but whatever you call it, it’s a beautiful city, striking a balance between modernity and cultural history. I didn’t want to take too much away from an actual visit to the city, but there are two beautiful spots I just had to whip out the 360 camera for.

St. Canice’s Tower in 360

I’m from Kilkenny yet I never paid the €4 it takes to climb up 100ft into the air and get the most breathtaking view of the city. I’m shocked I never did it, but with the InstaPro 360 in my backpack and a tripod in my right hand, I very carefully climbed up the tower. My advice is just climb up and leave everything downstairs because I actually thought the tripod would kill me.

Kilkenny Castle in 360

Kilkenny’s answer to Dublin’s answer to Central Park! Kilkenny Castle boasts a stunning green parkland and one of Ireland’s best-known castles. There used to be four walls but with one destroyed you get the most unique view of the structure. There’s also an incredible rose garden but typically I was got my shots when there wasn’t a rose to be seen.

You can enjoy the best of the park in 360 and the stunning views of Kilkenny from 100ft in the air below:

Tour Kilkenny in 360

If you like the look of the 8K 360-degree camera I used to capture these shots, chat to Conn’s Cameras in Dublin.

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