Ah NFTs. One of the weirdest things the internet gave us lately. or NFTs. These digital assets, based on blockchain technology, have been all over the news. You may have even seen people talking about them on social media and wondering if they should jump into investing in them. But what are NFTs, and can they be gifted? To get a better understanding of the hype surrounding these tokens and the questions that come with it, let’s dive right into it.

What Are NFTs?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. Simply put, an NFT is a type of digital asset that is stored on a blockchain network and cannot be copied or exchanged between two parties. This means that each token is unique and non-interchangeable; hence why it’s called non-fungible. These tokens are used to represent virtual items such as artwork, music, and other digital goods like tickets or collectables. Unlike traditional currency transactions which involve the transfer of funds from one party to another, NFTs involve the exchange of ownership rights for tokens representing virtual goods.

Can You Gift NFTs?

Yes! Just like any other gift item, you can purchase an NFT for someone else as a present. In fact, many people have started gifting their friends and family members with unique digital art pieces or collectables through this method. Some platforms even offer exclusive discounts when purchasing multiple items at once so you can gift your loved ones with an entire collection!

That said, it could also be the most useless gift of all time given the jury is absolutely out on NFTs right now.

Did Trump Make This A Hot Topic?

No. While Donald Trump did recently announce his own line of limited edition political memorabilia via an auction of his own NFTs, he was not responsible for making this a hot trend among consumers and investors alike. In fact, many experts believe that Trump was simply trying to capitalise on the growing popularity of this asset class by leveraging his own fame and name recognition to draw attention to it.

Twitter detectives have already discovered that quite a few of the NFTs created are using stock images that haven’t been paid for. That’s obvious from the watermarks remaining in the works.

Are NFTs A Scam?

While there are some risks involved in investing in any asset class — including NFTs — there is no evidence to suggest that these tokens are anything but legitimate investments backed by real value. Though I’m sure debate will rage over Trump’s collection given claims of plagiarism.

In fact, many industry experts believe that these assets are here to stay and will continue to grow in popularity as more people become aware of them and their potential uses within the digital economy. Just look at Bitcoin for a measure of what life with NFTs will be like. Unpredictable and quickly swinging values.

Will NFTs Last?

It’s hard to say definitively whether or not these tokens will remain popular long-term due to their relatively new status within the investment landscape; however many experts believe that they have staying power due to their uniqueness and versatility when compared with other asset classes available today. Additionally, as more companies enter into the space offering different types of services related to these tokens—such as marketplaces for buying/selling them—their popularity could very well continue growing over time as well!

NFTs have quickly become one of the hottest topics online today due largely in part thanks to President Donald Trump’s recent foray into this realm via his own limited edition political memorabilia auctioned off via an auction platform powered by blockchain technology. Despite some initial scepticism from some investors regarding their legitimacy as investments backed by real value claims still abound from industry experts who see great potential in these non-fungible tokens moving forward into the future, but only time will tell if they last beyond their current level of hype or fizzle out just like previous trends before them!

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