Apple has just finished up their Apple event where they unveiled their three new MacBook Pro laptops. Yesterday, we also had an event from Microsoft, who had a bit more to show off. We take a look at the top products these two heavyweights presented to the world and see who comes out on top.

What Apple bring to your desk

Apple’s lowest spec laptop at $1499, is the new 13″ MacBook pro. Nothing too much for Apple to brag about here. We get the usual spiel about it being the thinnest and smallest MacBook Pro to date. But it’s Apple’s next product which grabs the spotlight.


It’s essentially the same as the new MacBook Pro but with a new feature we haven’t seen yet – the new ‘Touch Bar’. These is the most unique feature we’ve seen on any laptop in a while. The Touch Bar interacts with different apps you are on. While you browse the web, it acts a toolbar. You can answer calls on it which we can only assume is connected to your phone. Other features include volume control and switching between tabs, among other handy uses. It also acts as a bar for emojis, which is both nice and completely mental.

Another feature that was added is the fingerprint scanner. This can be used to unlock your laptop, and easily switch between users by just scanning your finger. Even if you aren’t logged out of the previous users profile. It also works with Apple Pay, meaning you can make a purchase online and authorise payment with a finger print. Apple has also upgraded the touch pad with a larger one with integrated force touch and haptic feedback.

But in typical Apple fashion, they’ve made a big change. They’ve controversially gotten rid of all previous ports and replaced them with 4 USB type-C ports. In a couple of years, this will prove very handy, but for now, if you want this, be willing to invest in a couple of adapters. This one comes in at $1799.

And finally, we have the star of their show. Basically, everything you’ve read above, but with a 15″ screen and a better processor. For this, you’re looking at $2399

So nothing particularly special from Apple at their latest event. Anyone with current MacBook need not upgrade to one of these for maybe a year or 2 when the price drops.

Can Microsoft bring a bit of life into this article for those of you still reading

Firstly, Xbox live is getting an upgrade. You can now stream live on your account. You can also set up new challenges and tournaments for your friends to compete. Not being a massive gamer myself, it’ll be interesting to see if this takes off. But the way things are going, live streaming looks like it’ll be the next big thing is social networking in 2017.


Next up, Microsoft have entered the augmented reality game with Hololens. Hololens adds of another layer to the reality that surrounds you but at a huge cost. In more affordable news, the tech giant also enters to virtual reality space with a $299 headset – a fraction of competitors like HTC Vive. Keep on reading to hear about what computers will provide the power to these headsets.

Microsoft is set to take on Apple’s MacBook Pro with their Surface Book i7. Essentially the same as last years model, the Surface Book i7 gets an upgrade in the shape of a better processor, a better battery (up to 16 hours) and an extra fan. This seems like they may be trying to make it compatible with the VR headset. It comes in at $2399.

This article needs a star and that star is the Surface Studio. The one device that could move me from Mac. Beginning with the screen, it’s is 28″. It has 192 pixels per square inch, which is better than 4K TV’s. To put into context, it creates over 1 billion different colours. The screen is multi-touch with up to 10 points of touch. Memory-wise the machine comes with either 1TB or 2TB – the latter boasting a more powerful processor. Xbox wireless is also integrated for immensely gaming (a nod to possible VR gaming on Xbox in the future).


A Surface Pen accompanies the PC, but a new, interesting new product was also unveiled. The Surface Dial. In the trailer above we can see it in action. The user can actually place the dial on the screen and choose from a selection of items or options based on the program open on the screen. Not much has been revealed on this so we will have to see what the design team behind this is Microsoft has in store for its users. The dial will cost customers $99.

And finishing off with the Surface Studio, as you can see in the trailer, the screen can be adjusted. This isn’t a new feature we haven’t seen from Apple yet. The Surface Studio will set you back a dizzying $2999. That along with it being thinner and having a much better display, I think Microsoft wins this round in terms of development and innovation. And even the better trailer, which is a site to see itself.

Our verdict of Apple versus Microsoft

Apple will be looking at Microsoft, their biggest competitor in the computer industry, and will be worried. We can only expect Apple will have big things in store for the next Mac computer, but as of now, the ball is firmly in Microsoft’s court.


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