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We’re fresh off the back of Black Friday and we’re slap bang in the middle of the Christmas shopping rush. That got me thinking. After publishing our 2018 Christmas Gift Guide and checking pricing all over the place with, I couldn’t help but notice how many times came up as the cheapest place to buy stuff from. But do Irish shoppers actually trust the whole “buying in from the UK” thing?

34% of People in Ireland Shop on

I did what any sane person would do and turned to the people of Ireland and asked them have they shopped on in the past 12 months. 34% of respondents said they’ve made a purchase from the mega-online retailer in the last year. That’s a fairly significant figure when you consider the relative friction involved in online shopping across the channel. Delivery is often more expensive or requires the use of a virtual UK address.

34% of respondents said they’ve made a purchase on amazon in the past 12 months

Brexit may also play a fairly sizeable factor here, as the value of Pound Sterling has favored those shopping with Euro. If you’ve read my Christmas Shopping Guide, you’ll know I’m a big fan of combining and Revolut to ensure you get a great price while shopping in local currency to save even more.

Beyond the 34% of people in Ireland shopping on Amazon, there are also some other interesting figures worth noting.

Who Shops on

From the respondents to my survey, 37% of those who said they did shop with in the past twelve months were men. This figure drops to 27% for women. 

Even more interesting is the fact that 51% of those who said they shopped on Amazon in the past twelve months were aged 35 to 44. This figure drops dramatically to just 28% for 18 to 34-year-olds.

For me, that’s an absolute shocker. My age bracket is amongst the least likely to shop with the mega-retailer. What could this mean?

What’s Driving the Numbers?

Younger generations are still suffering from a lack of disposable income. As is the case, they simply can’t afford to splurge on all the lovely things has to offer, even when they are available at a much better price. Of course, I can only make assumptions here, but I don’t believe that older generations are simply more financially astute and shopping around more. Or am I wrong?

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About these stats: We used Google Surveys to ask 151 people, living in Ireland, at random if they had made a purchase on in the past twelve months.

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