Goosed Christmas Tech Gift Guide

Let us help you tick someone off your Christmas shopping list this year

Irish Tech Gifts

Some of the most exciting gadgets on the market are Irish. Here's our favourites which double up as great gift ideas

Gifts on a Budget

The perfect gift doesn't have to cost a fortune, even if you're looking at gadgets. Here are some of the best value gadgets on the market

Audio Gifts

Whether you're shopping for a regular commuter or a music lover, here's a wide range of audio gift ideas available this year.


Who's the person you know with a smashed phone clinging onto life? Upgrade them this Christmas with out smartphone guide which offers something for everyone

Office Gifts

You've got a €10 budget to grab a KK gift for someone in the office without offending them. It has to be a bit of craic. Don't worry, we got your back.

Travel Gifts

If you know someone who always seems to be on the move with unlimited holidays, here are some perfect gift ideas for them.

Apple Gifts

People rarely own just one Apple product. So if you know someone who's looking a bit light on Apple gadgets check out these gift ideas.

Smartphone Gift Ideas

Do you even know someone who doesn't have a smartphone in their pocket? If you can find the perfect smartphone gift, you can make your Christmas shopping for friends, family and colleagues much e

Gift Cards

These are an annual favourite of ours. Even if you forgot someone, you can always buy an Amazon voucher on Christmas morning!

Fitness Gifts

Be careful when you give someone a fitness related gift - VERY CAREFUL! But if you know it's right here are some great ideas.

Gifts for Your Partner

They put up with you all year round so you want to treat them to the perfect gift this Christmas. Seems fair that you treat them at Christmas right?

Gaming Gifts

From smartphone bits and bobs to the latest game consoles and games. If there's a gamer in your life, they should be an easy buy!



Many people now do their Christmas shopping online. You can avoid the queues and the bad weather and even shop during work hours!

Here's our tips to make sure you stay safe, find the best deals and have a stress-free Christmas.

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