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AirDates is the world’s first ever in-flight dating app. So for you lonely souls who travel a lot for work, this might pass some time in the airport.

No, it’s not just a mile high club app

Now they aren’t exactly promoting an open invitation to the mile high club, the spoil sports. Instead, this dating app encourages users to upload their travel itinerary in the hope of finding love at first flight. Full of puns today so I am.

Unlike Tinder, the dating app hopes to bring people together quickly and easily. The app, which has a limited range, only wants to get people talking in person as soon as possible.fresh prince reaction

Yeah, talking. Mad idea. Like I was saying if “getting jiggy with it” in a plane cubicle isn’t your thing, you can just chat to other people on the same flight. Each user’s phone acts mast and the more masts, the greater distance of communication that is available. This allows the users to get around the lack of onboard WiFi.

Sounds great no?

Fair enough. Some may shit themselves as the thought of giving out their travel itinerary in the search of love. But our new mate Michael, the app developer, has assured us that a plane is one of the safest places to go on a date. The app also lets users block freaks and notify others users of weirdos.

Airports are always full of nice people and happenings. The perfect place for dating, while waiting to get on board.

In true French gentleman-like style, Michael is looking into the potential of allowing only female users start conversations. No more dealing with “hey, how are u” messages. Am I right ladies? I’m going to need a new chat up line.

AirDates features

According to its description on Apple’s App Store, AirDates will get users to log in through Facebook and establish what kind of people, and when, they want to meet. Users can check in at airports and browse the surrounding area to check for friends and potential dates, and then invite people to chat.

airdates appAirDates is far from the mile high club app that it seems on the surface. Romance in the terminal can quickly fall to pieces “once you realise that you are sitting on the other side of the aircraft,” the app’s description reads. “With AirDates  the magic stays with you on board, allowing you to continue your chat.” It’s a pretty cool piece of tech to keep that going regardless of internet connection. Irrelevant of the flight duration, you can get to know each other, start to share ideas and maybe even share more than a cab after arrivals.

Find through love with AirDates as long as your soulmate is on iOS.

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