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In the not so distant past, we brought you news about the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Despite the price of the hairdryer, it has been a resounding success worldwide. Proving beauty really doesn’t come cheap. But yet it seems the suckers at Dyson aren’t done yet. News has recently broken that the company are now working on a “high-velocity” hairbrush. Let the morning battle with wet hair begin.

The patent is in

According to latest news claims, Dyson has lodged patents with the U.K’s Intellectual Property Office. The patent outlines a “mains-powered, baton-shaped device, featuring a fan heater to fire hot or cold air into the hair.” AKA a goddamn supersonic hairbrush to match up with the super sleek hair dryer.

Handy features

The brush is thought to be designed to drain away excess fluid along two tubular walls. If you’ve seen those kinds of round curling brush yokes it’s something like that. This will increase drying speed and align the hair. Meanwhile, the handle will contain a fan which will draw the fluid in and away from the brush and users hands.

Simply put, you may not always need a hairdryer in your travel bag as the brush has got your back. Oh, and obviously, unlike a hairdryer where you still need a hairbrush, this is an all in one solution. You can use that spare hand to follow us on Facebook or Twitter – just saying.

How much will the Dyson Supersonic hairbrush cost?

It should also be a bit cheaper. A welcome alternative for those who couldn’t quite reach deep enough into their pockets for the €400 hairdryer. Knowing them, Dyson Supersonic hairbrush will hardly be cheap, especially considering it’s a hairbrush. Our best guesstimates place it roughly at €200.

Is this Dyson’s gameplan?

In the long term, it seems to us that Dyson is really trying to bring the technology they have learnt through years of vacuum making to other markets. Take the fans and the hairdryers as the most obvious jumps. Before long expect more beauty related products to emerge.

We’re quite open about the fact that we have a new category at Dyson called Personal Care

At present, the Supersonic hairdryer is the only product in that category. Sadly, with over 400 patents filed a year, it may be a while before the Dyson Supersonic hairbrush hits the shelves.

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