5 worst fantasy football players to destroy your team

5 worst fantasy football players to destroy your team

Imagine with us for a moment. The site is live as you sit down to plot your route to Fantasy Football glory. You’ve done your research and already have some great advice on the 5 bargain fantasy football players to boost your team. But what about those potential landmines that could scupper your plans? We look at the players it’s best you avoid when picking your team of fifteen.

Worst fantasy football players – Goalkeeper

Joe Hart – Man City – £5.5 million

The thing to remember when you choose a GK. Either go with someone who is a good shot stopper, or someone who is behind an iron wall for the majority of the season. Unfortunately for Joe Hart, he’s in neither category. 15 clean sheets last year is flattering for the England. Buy his shampoo if you must, just don’t pick him in your fantasy football team.

Worst fantasy football players – Defender

Branislav Ivanovic – Chelsea – £6 million

In recent seasons, not picking Ivanovic in your team would have left you open to the kind of Friday night pub ridicule usually reserved for those who wear socks with sandals. Iva was a first choice for many, an integral part of José’s bus crew, even popping up with the odd goal and assist. But last season seen a huge drop in form for the Serbian international (along with the rest of his team mates) only scoring 111 points all season. By comparison, Patrick Van Aanholt scored 127 playing for Sunderland.

Worst fantasy football players – Midfielder

Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal – £11 million

You need to consider two things when deciding if Sanchez is worth picking this season.

  1. Will he be at Arsenal next season? Rumours have linked him with a move away, with PSG supposedly interested.
  2. After a long season last year and a full run out in Copa America, will he be able to re-create his first season form, when he scored 207 points, or will he suffer last season’s fatigue, scoring only 167?

Given that he’s already marked as doubtful on the FPL site, you’re best off to avoid him.

Worst fantasy football players – Strikers

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Man United – £11.5 million

Ok, calm down. Let me explain. £11.5 million is a hefty chunk out of your budget for a player who is unproven in England. Granted, he has scored goals for PSG for fun, but that is in a league where they beat Troyes 9-0, and finished 31 points above 2nd place.  No, I’ve not lost my marbles (yet). Yes, I saw his debut “shinned” scissor kick goal the other day. It’s too big a price to pay for a “traffic cone” – avoid signing him and take Lukaku instead. You’ll be glad you did.

Harry Kane – Spurs – £11 million

The Hurri-Kane is suffering from a bit of crisis of confidence after Euro 2016. After England we’re dumped out of the Euro’s by football powerhouse, Iceland, Kane was one of the players who was at the forefront of the fallout. He looked a shadow of the player who hit 25 goals last season. Add that to the fact that he didn’t score his first league goal until late September last season, Kane should not be considered until Gameweek 5 at the earliest.

On the plus side though, he doesn’t take corners for Spurs…


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