3D Moments – Personalised 3D Printed Gifts

Not gonna lie, I fucking love 3D printing! It’s one of those things that we have all seen down the years, whether it be on tv shows like Big Bang Theory or have randomly seen some bits on Facebook clips. But 3D printing is about much more than just making whistles or models. It’s one of them technologies that is used for high performance manufacturing, being researched in biomedical circles and in this case can make some lovely custom gifts. Recently we hooked up with the folks from 3D Printing Moments to discuss their business and how they make magic memories in 3D, so here’s the scoop!

About 3D Moments

3D Moments is a brand new Irish company that specialises in creating one off 3D printed gifts, these printed designs are perfect presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christenings, graduations and many many more.

Put it like this, 3D printing has been about since the 80’s but it’s still a technology that is in it’s infancy and it couldn’t be further away from standard printing! This type of printing works by pulling melted material through a nozzle, not unlike icing a cake. The nozzle moves up and down the plate created layer over layer controlled by the computer, raising each layer one after the other until your print is complete.

For 3D Moments a single print can contain over 1500 layers​ to ensure that each piece prints clearly and can create the fine detail to make your printing pop. Oh and they can take up to 26 hours per piece to create.

How it Works

To get a 3D Moment created, just send these guys the picture you want printed, pick the product you want and let them do the rest…. well pretty much. They will do any touchups required to your pic to get it print ready, but before you go full steam ahead to get something made do note a few things:

1. The photo should be of good quality and not blurry

2. Close up photos and selfies look best in 3D

3. There should not be any strong shadows on the photo, especially on faces.

4. People should not be wearing sunglasses

5. Faces should not be cropped or half missing

Pricing & Products

Cool, so now we know a little bit about how these pretty little keepsakes are made you need to know what you can get done and how much right? Well here ya go:

3D Moments also ship internationally so if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone near or far, give them a shout and see what they can do because for us we love to see tech and thoughtfulness merge to create something unique and meaningful.

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