Succession Season 3 Teaser Drops: The Revolution Will Be Televised

When I say I’ve never clicked on a video as quickly in my life. Succession is one of those shows. You know? You’ve seen chatter online about the first season, but didn’t pay it much heed. About halfway through season two, you happen to start watching it. Then you nervously watch episodes being released as you work your way through. Eventually, you arrive at the end of season two and there are months left to wait for season three. In this case, it’s literally been bloody years.

The wait is over.

Succession Season 3 Release Date

Yes indeedy. Succession, an HBO Original Series is coming and we’ve officially been treated to a teaser. The series, loosely based on the media empire of the Murdoch family, picks up where season two finished way back in October 2019. While it’s great to have a teaser, rather painfully we don’t have a date yet. The show is still in production and with the pandemic still being fairly rampant, despite what some would have you believe, there are precautions and delays aplenty.

For now, you’ll just have to sit back and drink in the teaser which you can find atop this very page.

One good thing is that at the end of the trailer, we at least get confirmation that it’s coming “this fall”, so expect to get episode in 2021.

Where Can You Watch Succession?

If you’re in the lucky batch of people who’ve yet to watch Succession, you might need to get a little creative. Unless you’re a Sky customer. Sky and HBO have a budding relationship and that means you can watch it all on Sky Boxsets.

Will HBO Release All Succession Episodes Together?

I’m afraid not. They drip feed us. Most subscription services will do this with their biggest series to ensure they get you subscribed for a few months. Don’t forget, you can’t get HBO in Ireland, at least not without a VPN. So you’re at Sky’s mercy.

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