IFI Teams Up With The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

dublin smartphone film festival
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The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival has just announced a partnership with the Irish Film Institute, adding to an already brilliant list of new partners this year, including RTÉ.

A couple of years back, I was delighted to have Goosed.ie join The Dublin Smartphone Film Festival as a media partner. The festival embodies everything I love about technology and that general concept of “creativity coming from constraint”. In a recent post, the festival highlighted how it all began “in the basement of a hostel five years ago”. The 2022 festival is the ultimate sign of how far the festival has come, not least because the Irish Film Institute has just been confirmed as a partner to the event.

The Irish Film Institute And Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

It’s a bit mad to see how far the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival has come in the five years, but that’s what people always say. The truth is that it’s absolutely no surprise that the festival, under the leadership of director Robert Fitzhugh, has grown from strength to strength. This year RTÉ joined as a media partner too giving the festival a massive boost and the elevated status that it deserved.

dublin smartphone film festival
Mobile movie making gets big validation for 2022

The Irish Film Institute partnering with the event further validates that the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival truly is a world-leading film festival. It’s almost a cyclical thing to happen. Mainstream cinema has adopted smartphones into their filming. iPhone’s now have cinematic style cameras for filmmakers to use and create with and both the form and price of smartphones versus traditional equipment lend themselves to the creative process.

Now, the IFI joining with the festival closes the loop with mainstream recognition for the mobile moviemaking craft.

The 2022 Dublin Smartphone Film Festival

The festival returns in 2022 and that is very good news, indeed. Earlier, I said it’s not surprising the festival has been a success and that’s down to the quality of film I’ve seen from that very first event in Smithfield. The tools don’t matter when you are a great storyteller and that’s why I’m already looking forward to next years event, for which submissions are currently open and extended until February 1st 2022 following the announcement of the new partnership with the IFI. The festival will now also accept feature-length films.

The Festival will also now take place on the slightly later date of April 30th 2022. Fitzhugh says that while “the festival is a little further away” it’s going to be “the best it’s ever been.

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