GameStop is leaving the Irish market, with several GameStop stores in Ireland, including those in Cork, Kerry, and Waterford, already starting their closing-down sales. For me, this is the biggest closure since Xtra Vision.

Back in March, GameStop announced that it would cease several services across its Irish stores, including the sale of gift cards, trade-ins, used devices, and pre-order products. Additionally, the Pro Loyalty membership was discontinued, with customers being urged to use existing gift cards as soon as possible.

The closures come as a result of poor performance in the market. It’s tempting to look at the likes of Amazon entering the Irish market as a cause for closures like this. But it’s far more likely that digital downloads of games and improved internet speeds in Ireland are the real cause for GameStop’s downfall.

GameStop Ireland is having a very different time from their US counterparts. GameStop’s US arm reported its first profitable quarter in two years, with CEO Matt Furlong stating that the company now has a path to full-year profitability.

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