What’s New on Netflix this Month

After scrolling through Netflix a few days in a row you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s ever updated. The good news is that a load of new stuff has made available on Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s really hit and miss.

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Let’s start with the positives. Riding the wave of popularity that is the Minions movie, Netflix have brought Despicable Me 2 on board. Needless to say, this makes us happy.

Despicable Me Netflix

Netflix does have a few Irish movies on board now, with Castletown’s finest now joining the billing. Yup, The Hardy Bucks Movie is now on Netflix, trekking across Europe to following the Republic of Ireland’s European Championship exploits. The Hardy Bucks Movie is a far cry from being a blockbuster, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a good flick to pass a few hours.

Things take a slow turn for the worst with Pain & Gain, starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A true, but mad, story that’ll deliver one or two laughs. Equally middling is Liam Neeson’s A Walk Among the Tombstones. Both movies rank around 6.5 on IMDB, are are unlikely to set the world alight. Ranking much higher, but in truth not reaching the quality of it’s compatriot movies is The World’s End. One thing we will ever do is put people off watching a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie though, so it’s worth a go.


There are some more great Irish flicks new on Netlfix. Calvary is an unusual movie that will most likely take a few views to fully appreciate. Calvary is the story of a anonymous man vowing to kill a priest (Brendan Gleeson) in confession, simply because the priest is a good man.

A more strange, but no less brilliant, entry is Frank. Michael Fassbender, one of the planet’s most recognisable stars, so of course this movie sees him wearing a giant paper mache  head while making music. Yes, it’s that weird, but genuinely enjoyable.


Finally, back on the international stage, Johnny Depp gets into a jangling costume and runs around playing a crazy character. Unfortunately, this character and film are awful. On the other hand, a brief search will return Pirates of the Caribbean, so even if you have seen it a hundred times you’re better off going back in for seconds.

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