We recently introduced you to WhatsApp Web, an app you can use in your computer browser to send and receive WhatsApp messages. The world’s favorite messaging app have made a few tweaks to their web interface.

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Chances are if you play weekly 5-a-side or have had a family event, you’ve been involved PTSD inducing rally of WhatsApp notifications.

what it feels like to get whats app group notifications

Much like typing on your phone can be a little head wrecking, the new WhatsApp Web improvements allow you to control the little annoyances from your computers browser. Yup, you can now abandon ship from WhatsApp groups using WhatsApp Web. If abandoning ship is a little extreme, you can also simply mute the chat.

Other improvements include updating your profile pictures and status bar. While this are all small improvements, the really exciting bit is that WhatsApp Web is undergoing constant change. It’s genuinely a great service for Android and Windows Phone users, so if you haven’t tried it yet, get on it!

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