Prison Break returns after 7 years in solitary confinement

prison break new season

Spoilers ahead

If you haven’t watched Prison Break at all or the new Season 5 episode, stop reading. There are spoilers ahead. While even the Season 5 trailer had decent spoilers in it, we’re not going to be held responsible for you ruining something.

Prison Break has been a far-fetched rollercoaster from day one. The entire series was nicely wrapped up 7 years ago which included the death of a main character. Typically, this stops nothing these days as the series returns with the dead risen.

What’s Prison Break all about?

Lincoln Burrows was arrested for the murder of a government official. With his brother sitting on Death Row, Michael Scofield plots to break Burrows out. Scofield is a genius when it comes to engineering. Covered in tattoos containing hidden maps, Scofield gets himself arrested to get Burrows out. Over the next four seasons, there are some ridiculous storylines. To be fair, if there was ever a show completely dead in the water to make a comeback, Prison Break would be it. Realism didn’t matter from the word go so why start now?

How can Prison Break be back with Scofield dead?

The first rule of TV and movies. Did you actually see Scofield die? No, of course not. That gives the producers all the rights in the world to concoct a mad tale of how he didn’t die at all. It’ll take some time for the full plot of how he’s alive to surface, but does it really matter?

What will Prison Break Season 5 be about?

Would you believe it? After four years of breaking each other out of prison, they have to do it again. Seriously, it’s like the people of Carrickstown and Summerbay not moving. Why would these lads go next nor near a prison? Anyway, sure enough, Scofield is alive and well. Actually, ‘well’ is a strong word. He’s locked up in Yemen, which isn’t great at all.

What characters return in Season 5?

Just one episode in, most of the band comes back together. Some, like Sucre, make little more than a cameo. Others, such as the strangely charming rapist T-bag, appear to be back for good. He’s even going to lose that god-awful timber hand too.

Will Season 5 be any good?

It’s so hard to tell. You have to turn off that part of your brain that’s constantly shouting “oh come on” at the TV screen. If you can silence that, then you might just be able to enjoy the new season of Prison Break. It should be more entertaining that the return of the X-Files, which was just weird. Prison Break is ridiculous but entertaining with plenty of funny bits too. To be honest, as weird as he is, the show is worth watching for T-Bag alone.

Prison Break Season 5 is now available to watch on Fox for Sky Customers. It’s on every Monday night.

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prison-break-returns-season-5-7-years-solitary-confinementThe scene is set for a new season, salvaging a dead end storyline from a show which finished for good 7 years ago. All-in-all, Season 5 might not be terrible.

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