Shazam: DC Universe’s Answer to Deadpool?

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The Marvel versus DC battle that’s been raging over the course of the past few years has been fairly one-sided, in favour of Marvel. Their universe just seems to be a bit more craic compared to the grittier DC universe which has also suffered a few dud movies like Batman versus Superman. But at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, DC might just have unleashed their secret weapon

Meet Shazam

Marvel’s popularity soared when Deadpool entered the fray. The anti-hero was born as audiences showed when it came to superheroes they also wanted personalities they could enjoy. Deadpool delivered that in bucketloads. The DC universe kept things pretty straight-laced or at least they have until now.

DC has just announced Shazam will make the leap from comic bookshelves to the big screen. We’ve only seen an early trailer, but the movie will be based on foster kid Billy Batson who is granted superpowers by a wizard. Billy just utters the word ‘Shazam’ and his smartphone will find any song being played nearby.

Ok, clearly that’s a poor joke.

When he says ‘Shazam’ he becomes a superhero that doesn’t know his own superpowers. It looks like some of the laughs from the movie will be Shazam learning his powers:

shazam flight test gif

Shazam Movie Release Date

With no exact date available yet, you can expect Shazam to be in cinemas during Spring 2019.

Shazam Trailer


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